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February 16, 2017

Avenida Revolución - Urban Hiking Tijuana

Living in San Diego we use the various services available in Tijuana (TJ), including dental, when it makes sense.  I’ve blogged about the process of obtaining a Mexican Visa and the process of getting to the border crossing last Sept here

We’ll need to renew our ‘visas’ next month.  Again I’ll fill out the forms and pay online at their website Nacional de Migration.  When we cross into TJ the forms will need to be presented and stamped by immigration to be valid.

Tijuana, with nearly 2 million citizens, is the largest city in Baja and with over 300,000 crossing the border daily it is the busiest border crossing in the Western Hemisphere, or also reported as the busiest land border crossing in the world.  I’d much rather be going to a medical tourist destination like Los Algodones, but we live in San Diego not Yuma.   It’s an easy trolley ride from home to the border and Washington Dental pays for the taxi to/from the border.   And very good dental health care can be had at a fraction of the US price.

This week I’ll share my experiences as I walk along the historic Avenida Revolución while waiting for Fran to finish up.
IMG_2417 (1280x959)

This was the heart of the tourist district back in the day.  Altho the ‘Red Light’ district remains legal in TJ, it is no longer prevalent nor are the tourist trinket shops.  However, the bar and disco scene remain popular attractions.

On the same corner of our dental office, Show Girls share the corner with a nice coffee shop and the Waldo’s dollar store.
IMG_2411 (1280x959)
IMG_2412 (1280x947)IMG_2431 (1280x930)

Tijuana Tilly’s has been at the same location since 1947.  The fish tacos tasted like they were in the warmer at least that long, but the Margarita was really good.
IMG_2435 (1280x960)IMG_2434 (1280x947)

A few tourist traps and attractions remain.  The TJ Arch is near the pedestrian crossing to return to the US.  The shops do not compare to the vibrant attractions found elsewhere.
IMG_2441 (1280x957)IMG_2437 (1280x940)IMG_2445 (1280x958)IMG_2442 (1280x941)

The passageways were once full of tourist shops, but the few that remain no longer cater to the gringos.  This upscale alley houses artworks, sculptures and another dental office.
IMG_2419 (1280x957)IMG_2420 (1280x958)

My Spanglish is not sufficient to ask a lot of questions, but the library walls are covered with historic photos. 
IMG_2422 (1280x958)

Fruit, drink and taco carts are still popular on the side streets, although more taco trucks are seen than carts.
IMG_2424 (1280x950)

A nice park setting for kids play time is not just well maintained, but well used during my visit.
IMG_2427 (1280x956)IMG_2429 (1280x958)

And then there is Hotel Caesars!  Still a very well kept hotel/restaurant noted for the creation of the Caesar Salad.  We’ll celebrate Fran’s last dental visit here next month … with a Caesar Salad!
IMG_2410 (1280x947)

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