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January 04, 2017

Goodbye Shamu! and other 2017 changes

I thought I read somewhere the Sea World would continue the Shamu Show thru March, nope!  The last orca show is this weekend.  The show will close on Jan 8th to be replaced with the Orca Encounter, summer 2017.  A new 150’ tall roller coaster the Electric Eel is also being added (so much for their 45’ height limit), summer 2018.

The Jeep needs a brake job, guess I’ll be spending the weekend in the garage rather than an amusement park.  Of course that could be pretty amusing too, long time since I’ve done anything with drum brakes …

Other changes for 2017 include a few new laws some of which could impact out of town guests.
1. Cellphones must now be mounted to the dash or windshield without impairment to the driver’s vision.  Bill No. 1785
2. Lane splitting remains legal motorcycles, but with a few restrictions.  Bill No. 51
3.  Minimum wage will be gradually phased from the current $10.50 (as of Jan 1) to $15 by 2022.  I’ve already had a 3% surcharge on a deli bill to cover the costs.  Not sure how it will effect those making $20+ hour (my nephew) counting tips.  Bill No. 3  BTW - get a great burger at Rocky’s in Pacific Beach and leave a generous tip Smile
4. Powered alcohol is no longer legal in the state, but cannabis is!  Bill No. 819 and Prop 64  I can buy the powered booze from Amazon, but not weed …

Of interest, my barber shop can now server beer/wine, but vaping is forbidden, EpiPens must be distributed to schools that have a need for them, euthanasia is now permitted – don’t tell Fran!

Read all the new laws from the link.

Little new info on the De Anza Cove Revitalization Plan.  The next meeting on the future of the Mission Bay RV Park will be in Q1 of 2017, I plan to attend.

As to the extension of the trolley, the council met – behind closed doors!, but in the end has dropped the eminent domain claim for the ‘vacant lot’ at Clairmont Drive.  YEA!!! Protea will continue to own this property and be allowed to develop, it they support the 30’ height limit!  Sweet! They have completed Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar and are now doing Sea Port Village.

Those of us who want the Bay Park Boardwalk to be built are gaining support.  This is a walkway along from trolley stop with vending, parks, fountains, etc. extending the length of Morena Blvd to Linda Vista.  It will represent the entrance to our neighborhood – which is now only a car wash and 7-11, ugh! 

The Morena Specific Plan is going to be the next big project.  Coronado Brewing and City Lights look to be safe – yea!  But Off Shore might need to relocate – Boo!  And a 90’ height in Linda Vista!??? HA University of San Diego just might put the power of the church against that!  Sure hope so!

On my corner Keil’s is gone, demolished!  Sprouts is about to start construction for a fall 2017 openig.  McDonald’s is gone, being replaced with a Starbucks. 

I’ll leave with a few pictures from a stroll around De Anza Cove we took after the Rose Parade.
Got a good laugh watching the gulls bathing on the sidewalk, for sure we had some rain.
IMG_1928 (640x479)IMG_1910 (640x479)

The south side of the Mission Bay RV Park along Fiesta Bay is very eroded, perhaps the jet skies and water skiers in this area ???
IMG_1926 (640x479)IMG_1915 (640x479)

The Toyon can be trimmed to make nice Christmas bushes with their bright red berries.
IMG_1919 (640x479)IMG_1920 (640x480)

Both Mission Bay RV Park and Campland were totally packed.  Welcome to our hood!, hope you enjoyed your stay.
IMG_1921 (640x479)IMG_1913 (640x480)

If you do not have side view cameras please use your mirrors when backing up!  The detail kids at The SoCal Way will do a wash/wax of your RV in the parking lot.  They charge by the foot ~$2.50/ft wash/wax.
IMG_1923 (640x480)IMG_1924 (640x478)

Let me know if you have specific questions I might be able to answer.
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