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January 01, 2017

Cabrillo National Monument–Where California Began

Claimed for Spain September 28th, 1542 and named San Miguel by the Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, while sailing under the Spanish flag, making San Diego (aka San Miguel) the Birthplace of California. The landing at Ballast Point is recreated each year in the south western most corner of the US at the Cabrillo National Monument, which  bears his name. The area draws its current name from the feast of San Diego de Alcalá. Spaniard Don Sebastián Vizcaíno sailed into what is now San Diego Bay on the day of the feast November 12, 1602, and renamed it.  So both California and San Diego begin here, just not at the same time …

IMG_1835 (640x480)IMG_1837 (640x480)

The water fountain has been updated to include a water bottle fill station.
IMG_1840 (640x480)IMG_1842 (640x473)
We’re here to get Fran a Senior Pass, she’s been putting it off for the better part of a decade! and we have mine to use when we’re together.  But as Park Ranger Gaelyn mentions, Obama has signed legislation to increase the lifetime pass from $10 to $80.  And other restrictions may also be applied.  It’s a no-brainer to get the pass now before the Obama changes are implemented.  If you are US citizen at least 62 and without a pass? – get your pass now!

As long as I’m into credits here are a few more who have done excellent blogs on the Cabrillo NM:
Suzanne of Take to the HighwaySan Diego Scenes
Gay and Joe of Good Times Rollin - Bayside Trail
Paul and Nina of Wheelingit Where California Begins
These folks are all author excellent bloggers!  I know there must be someone who blogged the Tide Pools, but I failed to find who. 

After a wet end of the year Point Loma also offers safe trails that are mud free.  The Bayside Trail is a ~400’ elevation change over less than 2 miles out-n-back.  Altho short there is still a good workout as it is all up-hill on the return.  There are many interpretive signs along the trail, save these for the up-hill return Smile.  On a reasonably clear day the views extend across downtown, or Coronado into Mexico.
IMG_1844 (640x480)IMG_1845 (640x479)
IMG_1874 (640x479)IMG_1875 (640x479)

Along the trail is a Searchlight Shelter.  The high powered light could be rolled out on the rails when needed.  A separate power station was used for the lights.
IMG_1856 (640x473)IMG_1848 (640x471)
The views toward the Big Bay are spectacular!  The beautiful 2 masted schooner Tall Ship Amazing Grace sails from Harbor Island.  An Ensenada tour boat is a long time staple of the San Diego waterfront.
IMG_1850 (640x479)IMG_1857 (640x475)

The old lighthouse remained in use from 1855 to 1891, when the current station became operational.  Fog and low clouds created problems for the old station.
IMG_1878 (640x478)IMG_1877 (640x470)

Although life of the lighthouse keeper has its attractions it was indeed a tough life to ensure the light operated throughout the night, every night!  Still the life is an attraction.
IMG_1862 (640x478)IMG_1863 (640x479)
IMG_1866 (640x467)IMG_1869 (640x480)

Of the 5 Point Loma Caves, 4 are now Coves and the last cave is now closed to public access. 
IMG_1884 (640x473)

Here’s a few pics of the coves, use your imagination to think of them as covered caves.
IMG_1885 (640x468)IMG_1892 (640x464)
IMG_1903 (640x480)IMG_1904 (640x478)

Rosecrans National Cemetery is a participate in Wreaths Across America.  The final resting place of some 50,000 veterans that paid the ultimate price for our country.
IMG_1908 (640x479)IMG_1907 (640x471)

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