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December 16, 2016

Motorcycle on Mission Bay

Across from the Mission Bay RV Resort on San Diego’s Mission Bay the Red Bull TV team set up to film an event with their base camp on Fiesta Island.

P1060579 (640x471)P1060592 (640x480)

But the filming was on Mission Bay, pretty much in front of Campland.  They had 5 jet skis, each with a rescue ladder on the back, a Life Guard Patrol Boat, a film boat with a massive boom camera and a Paramedic team.

P1060596 (640x480)P1060598 (640x473)
P1060599 (640x479)P1060602 (640x478)
P1060575 (640x480)P1060611 (640x480)
P1060597 (640x480)

I expected to see some jet ski stunts until I noticed all the attention was focused on this amphibious motorcycle and its rider.
P1060606 (640x478)P1060610 (640x467)

This had to be more interesting than an ‘urban hike’ around Fiesta Island, although there are a couple large natural areas on the island besides the dog park.
P1060593 (640x478)P1060594 (640x476)

Once the boats left to get in position I knew I’d not be hiking!
P1060612 (640x480)P1060613 (640x470)

And away he goes!
P1060619 (640x480)P1060622 (640x480)
P1060626 (640x473)P1060631 (640x449)P1060634 (640x465)P1060635 (640x473)

The bike only stays above water when it is moving – fast!  It does not float, altho it can be retrieved if needed.
P1060637 (640x472)

Looks like this will end the filming for awhile Sad smile

And he’s not the only one having a bad day.  This is prime example of why it’s not a good idea to mess around with the car that is needed to get home.  The truck has a nice heavy duty winch that made short work of what happens when playing in the mud.
P1060573 (640x479)

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