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December 02, 2016

Famosa Slough–San Diego Urban Hiking

The Famosa Slough is one of SoCal’s (many!) Marine Protected Areas.  And it is in a most urban area between the Midway District, Point Loma and Ocean Beach, known as Loma Portal

This is for sure an urban hike as 4-lanes of fast moving traffic on West Point Loma Blvd will need to be crossed.  Use the crosswalk at Adrian Street, by the Shell station.  Dogs on leash are welcome.
IMG_1565 (640x480)IMG_1589 (640x480)

There are several areas to access the Slough, but easiest is park on West Point Loma and enjoy the south section, then the north.  Or as I prefer an out’n’back from the Famosa exit off Nimitz, this is the same exit as the Cabrillo National Monument.  Turn left and follow Famosa past the ball fields to a small parking area at the end of the street.

From this entrance there are a couple short loops, but the main trail is off to the left on the outside of the fence.
IMG_1551 (640x474)IMG_1581 (640x480)
IMG_1549 (640x472)IMG_1552 (640x475)

The fence was put up shortly after the city acquired the property in the late 1990s.  There is certainly more bird watching now than we were allowed into the wetland.
IMG_1554 (640x479)IMG_1555 (640x479)

I should have mentioned earlier, this is more of a stroll than a hike.  It’s a bit under 3 miles total.  And quite popular with bird watchers.  OK this bird watcher's picture of the heron is probably better than mine …
IMG_1557 (640x474)IMG_1558 (640x479)

IMG_1559 (640x458)IMG_1563 (640x481)

There are some new informational signs after crossing to the north section.
IMG_1564 (640x479)IMG_1578 (640x479)

I don’t know who this is but he made a lot of niose needing a running start to get air born.
IMG_1570 (640x471)IMG_1566 (640x479)

A pelican can glide almost soundlessly.
IMG_1572 (640x479)

The trails end at I-8 just across from Sea World.
IMG_1573 (640x479)

What’s left of the OB Trolley Trestle is just north of West Point Loma Blvd
IMG_1568 (640x471)IMG_1580 (640x479)

Leaving the slough and passing over Nimitz, turning right on Mendocino will lead to the Point Loma Native Plant Reserve.  The garden features many native plants that can found along the San Diego River.  Dogs on leash are welcome.
IMG_1590 (640x478)IMG_1593 (640x478)

The trails are well maintained, with labels to identify most of the collection.
IMG_1594 (640x473)IMG_1596 (640x480)

Just beyond the garden is another – the Ocean Beach Community Garden.  The vegetable garden is open to the public on Saturday mornings.
IMG_1599 (640x480)IMG_1600 (640x479)

It’s lunch time!  Ocean Beach has a great variety of places.  The easiest way into OB from here is straight down Voltair, which ends at the beach – and Dog Park.  Dogs are welcome here OFF leash.
IMG_1603 (640x480)IMG_1605 (640x478)

OB has their Christmas tree up, and the surf is also up!
IMG_1610 (640x476)IMG_1609 (640x476)

In the past month we’ve made 2 trips to Mexico and spent Thanksgiving in the mountains.  For lunch I want a burger!  I don’t have them often so when I do I want a good one.  Hodad’s has been flipping burgers in OB since 1969.  They were a ‘locals’ place until 2009 when CNN put them on the map in their ‘best burgers’ segment.  Hodad’s was the only burger place mentioned located west of the Mississippi!  So after 40 years of flipping burgers in OB ... they were an overnight success!, with lines stretching around the block.
IMG_1616 (640x480)IMG_1617 (640x480)
IMG_1618 (640x466)IMG_1623 (640x478)
IMG_1619 (640x473)IMG_1620 (640x480)

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