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November 12, 2016

Kate Sessions --- Urban Hiking

First a major shout out to those who have served our country.  I Thank You!!! 

Walking around the National Veterans Memorial on Mount Soledad it is quickly obvious that not just the service man or woman made sacrifices for us all, but so did their families, friends, loved ones.  It is a huge burden and again it is most appreciated.
IMG_0638 (640x479)IMG_0642 (640x480)
IMG_0646 (640x480)IMG_0639 (640x479)

I mentioned Kate Sessions earlier this week in my Maple Canyon blog.  She is the Mother of Balboa Park, without her efforts we may not have the park at all.
IMG_1250 (640x479)IMG_1251 (640x479)

She also has a park named in her honor Kate Sessions Neighborhood Park on the southwest of Mount Soledad in Pacific Beach, just go north on Lamont Street it’s on the right.  In addition to the Veteran’s Memorial this is another great spot for picnics or sunsets.
IMG_1426 (640x479)IMG_1422 (640x480)

The kids have soccer practice here on the field next to the street.  San Diego’s finest know the practice schedules and will ticket the soccer moms for parking on the street.
IMG_1427 (640x479)IMG_1428 (640x454)

But they have no concerns of the off leash dogs that are everywhere in the park.  Yes it is a puppy friendly park with ample parking.  However there is little parking close to the soccer field, nor near the kids play equipment … Good for the city revenue I guess, and soccer moms are less likely to bite …
IMG_1423 (640x479)IMG_1441 (640x473)

I had to work this morning and Fran is in the PB Tennis Club to play in the 41st Turkey Tournament.  So I’m looking for a close by urban hike to take.  The back side of Kate Session Park is perfect.  Much less traveled than the large grass fields with their forever views, I’ll have this section of the park to myself.
The entrance to the canyon is via unmaintained trails near the children's play equipment.  The trails on this side of the canyon are narrow and steep …
IMG_1429 (640x480)IMG_1431 (640x475)

Very narrow with dense overgrowth.  This is not the only way to get to the wide trails on the east side of the canyon, a smarter me would have parked at the top.  There’s nice wide trails on that side and greener vegetation.
IMG_1440 (640x480)IMG_1424 (640x480)
IMG_1434 (640x480)IMG_1436 (640x480)

The entrance off Parkview road is well marked with ample street parking.  This area could be either your starting point or your turnaround.  Regardless there are enough trails in the park to make a decent loop of ~1-2 miles.
IMG_1443 (640x474)IMG_1444 (640x480)

Next up: A couple more trips to Home Depot for supplies and then heading back to San Felipe for some plumbing repairs … Anybody want a beach house?  Fran loves it there, but it’s mostly puttering/repairs for me.

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