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May 20, 2016

Shoot – Stabed in the foot

Not sure if it’s true that most accidents happen at home, but this one sure did – right in the living room.  For some time, possibly years, there was a sewing needle laying in wait, hidden deep in the carpet.  The last vacuum dislodged it at just the right angle that it harpooned the next bare foot it saw.  That alone is not so bad but it broke off deep in a tendon just inside the pad behind the 2nd toe.  As a result I have a new sandal to wear!
IMG_1962 (640x480)

In 2 weeks the stitches come out, and another 2 I’m still wearing the latest in beach sandal fashions.  I must admit I am glad I found the needle, not glad that it broke for sure!  I’m not macho, nor do I handle pain any better than Fran, but I do make a better Margarita and don’t mind kicking back with my feet up.  She’d be nuts going 4 weeks without a tennis racket!

The result of my forced sedentary life is the first leg of the 2016 Alaska Adventure is done.  However, the first leg is family!, of course family comes first!  We’ll bid them so-long in Tacoma for a loop around the Olympic Peninsula.
OPNP loop mapIMG_1963 (640x455)

The only thing that changes is our departure date and route.  Of course 395 is always tops on my list.  But after 50 years of driving to/from the Seattle area once/twice a year we've covered much of any route :)

The loop will end at Cape Disappointment State Park.  There we’ll spend a few days with the our son’s family, including the only grandson there.  A bit out of the way as launch point for Canada, but it’s also a great stop.

Research from websites, blogs, best-of lists, etc. goes on the spreadsheet.  I mark this items on a AAA state map to dump the items that cannot be fit into the schedule.  Shi Shi Beach, with its Point of Arches will have to wait for another trip  … Then Google maps is a great resource to connect create the route as it offers both time and distance estimates.  I like to draw and annotate the route in the appropriate Delorme Gazetteer.

Please follow along and make your suggestions and comments.  I've use a several blogs in my research, here’s the final entries in a couple of those threads.  Just follow backwards, both Lisa and Lynn but up beautiful blogs.
Pretty much everybody reading this post follows Paul and Nina who have hosted at least twice at the Cape Disapointment Lighthouse.

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