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May 09, 2016

Peña Spring to Maidenhair Falls–Borrego Springs

My plan was to get up early this Monday morning and if it was overcast head to Borrego Springs to witness the Transit of Mercury.  But made a quick decision to head out Sunday evening instead.  I grabbed my trusty old Canon camera case and was off.

Only the case contains Fran’s little Sony camera, Oops!  Without a good zoom Mercury is just to tiny to see, to take a picture at all I had to hold my solar glasses over the lens.  Lame.

The transit has already begun at sunrise, by 8AM little Mercury is about halfway across the sun.  But no zoom on the Sony ….
DSC01080 (640x479)Capture1
I should have bought her a nicer camera Smile.

The hike to Pena Spring can be done as an easy loop from the campground (right) or an out-and-back from the trailhead (left) at the entrance to Culp Valley Camp.  There’s ample parking at the trailhead.
DSC01091 (640x478)DSC01095 (640x480)

Today I’m doing the out-n-back willing to miss the viewpoints from the loop.
DSC01096 (640x479)DSC01110 (640x480)

It’s an easy walk down the wash to the obvious marsh are on the west.
DSC01102 (640x479)DSC01107 (640x472)

This little spring is the main water source for Maidenhair Falls.  If you’ve hike to the falls from the big parking lot at the bottom to wonder where the water went – it went to the plants, animals ( have seen the Borrego Sheep here on a couple occasions) and sand above the falls.

Although not as spectacular as the overlooks from the campground, the entrance to Hell Hole Canyon is spectacular!
DSC01115 (640x476)DSC01119 (640x478)

Today the top of the falls is dry, just a tannin stain on the rocks where water sometimes flows.  This is the first time I’ve seen NO water at the top of the falls – none! nada! ziltch!  It'll be a long summer below …
DSC01122 (640x480)

The hikers from the bottom will be disappointed today.  They’ll have a 7 mi RT journey, mine is 3 mi RT …. and I have moteros!  I have yet to hear of any art in the area, but these morteros are well used and not far from the spring.  I figure there has to be some native graffiti here somewhere near by!
DSC01129 (640x480)

Where water flows flowers grow!  It’s getting to the end of their Spring Fling 3000’ above Borrego Springs.
DSC01108 (640x464)DSC01147 (640x480)
DSC01097 (640x479)DSC01098 (640x475)
DSC01117 (640x480)DSC01099 (640x481)
DSC01118 (640x464)DSC01101 (640x458)

Oh my – look at those coastal clouds!  With the right camera this would definitely been the right move!
DSC01148 (640x479)

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