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April 29, 2016

San Diego’s Tecolote Canyon–Central Section

In January I had planned to hike both the lower and central Tecolote Canyon, however as noted in that blog post the center section had storm damage for both the surface runoff and sewer drainage systems.
IMG_1826 (640x493)IMG_1828 (640x454)

Great entrance sign – Golf is only available in the lower section, rather than posing a more acurate entrance sign it was obviously easier to just paint over it.  As with most of the city hikes behaved dogs are welcome on leash.

With repairs completed last month and wanting to stay close to home today,  it was time to take this section on again.  It’s a short walk to enter this section near the golf course as before and do it as a figure eight loop.  I’ve already posted the lower half of the loop and the upper section of Tecolote Canyon.  Today we will do the less traveled figure eight of the central section.
IMG_1829 (640x479)IMG_1830 (640x480)

Repairs to damage cause by the storm floods were not only made to the drainage up also to some, tho not all, of the trails in the canyon.  At least the new sections of the trail are now well marked. The fence and bridges have all been rebuilt since the El Nino flooding that took this section out.
IMG_1835 (640x479)IMG_1836 (640x480)
IMG_1841 (640x479)IMG_1845 (640x479)

It ‘s been quite a few years ago that we would mountain bike this route, passing under Balboa in the drainage culvert.  Using the culverts was how we could do all three sections in a fun ride after work.
IMG_0230 (640x480)IMG_1837 (640x480)
IMG_1838 (640x480)IMG_1860 (640x476)
I do not expect to enjoy that ride again.

In January pumps were installed in the damaged section of the canyon to bypass the broken pipes.  The pumps are no longer needed now that drain pipes replaced.

IMG_0224 (640x480)IMG_1849 (640x480)

A sewer pipe that could not maintain the water volumn was also broken, now replaced.
IMG_0225 (640x479)IMG_1856 (640x480)

As we exit the center section and looking over Tecolote Golf Course I notice the trails on the lower section have also been regraded.
IMG_1862 (640x479)

And the flowers from today.  Our winter project is to continue to investigate options for a more drought tolerant landscape.
IMG_1831 (640x480)IMG_1832 (640x480)IMG_1833 (640x479)IMG_1834 (640x464)IMG_1839 (640x479)IMG_1843 (640x479)IMG_1844 (640x479)IMG_1846 (640x480)
IMG_1852 (640x472)IMG_1853 (640x479)
IMG_1847 (640x479)IMG_1848 (640x479)

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