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April 22, 2016

Earth Day at Quail Gardens - Encinitas

It’s Friday, normally I’d like to hit the trail, but it’s also Earth Day and an opportunity for lunch with friends at Casa de Bandini – my all time favorite place.  So no hiking today, but with a desire (need) to have the yard more SoCal drought friendly we spent three hours taking notes at San Diego Botanical Gardens.  Not only was the name changed from Quail Gardens the entrance fee was increadsed to pay for the new sign!  OK at $10 it’s still a worthwhile stop.
IMG_1825 (640x480)

Our focus was on ideas for what might be a better drought tolerant and native solution for the front yard. 

Options include a beautiful Laurel, more succulents, a Mariachi band, or some awesome Yucca options.  The Old Man Cactus is very unusual altho not a real consideration.
IMG_1762 (640x479)IMG_1769 (640x480)IMG_1765 (640x479)IMG_1766 (640x472)IMG_1770 (640x480)IMG_1771 (640x479)

My favorite includes the large variety of Mallow that would be available.  These colorful bushes are available in a variety of colors and could be mixed and trained. 
IMG_1773 (640x479)IMG_1772 (640x473)IMG_1804 (640x480)IMG_1805 (640x467)IMG_1814 (640x461)IMG_1816 (640x480)

Of course cactus is an option, but not high on the list.
IMG_1781 (640x479)IMG_1787 (640x479)

What’s not to like about a Saphire Tower?  Now that is a strange looking beauty!
IMG_1796 (640x480)IMG_1795 (640x479)

We do live close to the beach, perhaps Beach Sage? or a Cycad?
IMG_1799 (640x480)IMG_1798 (640x480)

For ground cover a variety of ice plant is available.  But since our yard is level, we do not need it as it is usually used for retaining.  Here’s a nice looking fit.
IMG_1818 (640x477)IMG_1817 (640x480)

The California Poppy are always a ‘go-to’ option, but Fox Glove is more interesting.IMG_1823 (640x471)IMG_1824 (640x479)

The gardens are divided itnto sections.  Including a great kids play/educational area.  We’d never get the grandson out of here!  Also Africa, South Pacific, Rain Forest, etc are all represented. 

One of the more surprising  exhibits is Sam is also here.  Sam the Galapogas Tortoise who is is “Too Big to Lose”.
IMG_1783 (640x480)IMG_1782 (640x475)
and he has his own overlook!
IMG_1784 (640x470)IMG_1785 (640x480)

Perhaps my most surprising sight was this XP Camper parked in front of my truck.  OMG now that’s a go anywhere rig, but at about twice the price of Rufus …  It is for serious boondocking - this is the bomb of off-road excursions.
IMG_1760 (640x480)

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