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June 30, 2014

July 2014–To WA, the scenic route - Part 2

Serendipity!  What a great stop in a historic old town.  The Dayton RV Park was spotless with the best WiFi of any park.  Nevada is known as the Silver State, but here gold was discovered.
IMG_4241 (640x480)IMG_4254 (640x480)

Many of the original buildings have been restored, some are still waiting.  It was a great bike ride around the town, with a guide map provided by our host.
IMG_4244 (640x480)IMG_4247 (640x480)

The extensive Historical Museum was closed Sunday morning.  Quite a bit of history could be seen decaying from outside their fence. 
IMG_4249 (640x480)IMG_4253 (640x480)

While packing up and chatting with the host (she lived in San Diego – La Mesa), mentioned Winnemucca was the next stop.  “Winnemucca, WHY?” 
So I mentioned the song … “… along a dusty Winnemucca road … came a semi … with a canvas covered load …” 
“If you’re only going to Winnemucca because of that silly song – well, I can’t let you do that!”
HA! Even if it wasn’t Lori’s hometown, it would be on the way now!

On the way to Winnemucca stopped for gas in Lovelock and ended staying at the city park for lunch.  Another nice find.
IMG_4266 (640x480)IMG_4263 (640x480)

But she was right, at least as far as  a Sunday in Winnemucca was concerned.  Only found the casinos and a few restaurants open.  The old town area had a face lift, not much history to walk through.
 IMG_4271 (640x480) IMG_4273 (640x480)
OK I get the Black Rock Desert, but the Pacific Northwest?  The early founders had a sense of humor!  Again the historical museum was closed.
IMG_4275 (640x480)IMG_4280 (640x480)

Heading north out of town, was again reminded of the song “… ever seen a road with so much dust and sand?”  Johnny Cash should have mentioned that it was boringly straight!
IMG_4284 (640x480)IMG_4286 (640x480)
I’d like to buy curve!  This goes on for hours straight past the Oregon border before a curve in the road.

Called it a night at Jordan Valley, in the worst RV park ever!  If this route comes up again stop at the Rome River and hike the Pillars, or press on to Idaho!
Up next Idaho!

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