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June 28, 2014

July 2014–To WA, the scenic route - Part 1

I like to leave after work the day before the first day of vacation, then wake up already vacationing.  Going north this usually means 395 with an overnight at Fossil Falls.  And this trip is no different, but the traffic is!  Reduced lanes on Cajon Pass had traffic doing the ‘Cajon Crawl’ it was backed up miles, then  construction on 395 held speeds down to 35.  UGH – added a couple hours to the evening adventure, but woke up ON VACATION!
697ff2 (640x480)

The night sky is usually quite clear.  The campground is far enough away from 395 and lights it’s a great place to relax under the stars, although the moon was a bit bright this trip.  Michael and I did have some heavy winds on one stop and another time I had snow!  But only a couple times in 20 years of stopping here was there ever another camper in the campground.
It’s a short morning hike to Fossil Falls
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Take time on the hike, there’s no reason to arrive in Bishop before Erick Schat’s opens the Deli 10.  Best turkey sandwich on the planet! and home of the Sheepherders Bread.
IMG_4229 (640x356)

The climb up from Bishop is awe inspiring.  Many of memories made along the trails, lakes, hot springs and campgrounds of this diverse land.  As John Muir said:
IMG_4233 (640x359)

A nice tour with a bike ride thru Mammoth Lakes on to Mono Lake and it was time to get going.  More road construction and a detour off 395 near Bridgeport and it was time to starting looking for a spot for the night. Why not Dayton, NV?
IMG_4237 (640x455)IMG_4240 (640x480)
A most excellent choice …

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