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June 16, 2024

Father’s Day- bike rides

I’m writing this on Father’s Day … So First off I hope all the fathers enjoyed a special day!

Our June Gloom broke last Thursday.  It took no time for us to load up the bikes for Pepper Park.

From Pepper Park we’ll ride on the Bayshore Bikeway.


Pepper Park is on the north side of the Sweetwater River (National City),  Gunpowder Point is on the south side (Chula Vista).  Chula Vista is expanding their waterfront.

The Sun Outdoors RV park has been there a few years now, next to the Living Coast Discovery Center.

And more changes are taking place.

That looks like condos on Gunpowder Point ???, and a new parking lot for the Discovery Center.

the Bikeway is a great multi-use path, for any form of human powered land travel.  That big building ahead of Fran is the soon-to-be Convention Center.

It is HUGE!

Which requires rerouting of the bike path (again)

We continued the ride past the wall with the murals.  It’s interesting that the spray-can artists added their touch without defacing the mural collection.

And the collection is growing

Second only to the local newspaper, what is now the South Bay Salt Works, is the longest operating business in San Diego County.

The buildings are registered on the historical list

Salt being set out to dry

The lease on this property will expire soon. What's next is not yet decided.

Father’s Day:

My choice was a ride around Mission Bay.  The June Gloom was around in the morning as we unloaded our bikes at De Anza Cove.

Quite a few tourist traffic jams!, but we reached Belmont Park with no issues.  There we enjoyed the ‘Cruise to Belmont Park’ car show.  It’s not the ‘Bombs on the Bay’ but quite a few excellent cars/trucks.  With 200+ on display I’ll really have to limit the photos!

The steering linkage is a welded chain

A mid-engine 1931 For delivery truck

That engine is not from 1939!

I’m a sucker for trucks.  Even candy-Apple Red ones

And custom rods

Only 30k to drive it home.

By older brother is a biker.  He would be the one to really enjoy a bit of Throttle Therapy

I thought this car was a beautiful purple, but the picture shows it's more of a root beer.  Still a different and impressive paint job.

What a well done project truck  The body work is complete and sealed.

Always a line at the Pizza Port Brewing truck!

Live classic rock music

This Wrangler caught my eye, it looks a bit like Fran's ... but a bit more custom.  I was thinking it was a TJ, but no it is a ‘95 CJ, beautifully restored.

another great truck

With a Coyote/Roadrunner theme airbrushed under the hood

From Belmont Park we headed to our final stop on the bay – Charli’s Landing for some fish tacos.


  1. Gay and JoeJune 17, 2024

    Good morning Jeff…sounds like there is a lot going on in Chula Vista. Who would have ever thought salt would could have such claims as the longest operations business in San Diego County? Pretty cool! I love old trucks too and the photo of the old rusty truck is awesome!

    1. At one time most of the salt on the west coast was provided by Chula Vista. They still have quite a few rusty machines in full operation.

  2. Wow, I could walk around and look at those vehicles all day and dream. There were some real beauties there!

    1. The venue was limited to 200 vehicles at the show. And each one was special, regardless of the condition.

  3. Love those car shows!

    1. The effort the owners put into the restoration and maintenance of the classic cars is amazing. Always a fun to walk around and enjoy.


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