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November 18, 2022

De Anza Cove - Mission Bay Progress

I have not been able to attend any meetings on the revitalization changes on the De Anza Cove.  But I can provide some information on the changes.

Pre-Covid in November 2017 the San Diego De Anza Committee presented the public meeting with these 3 options.

Option 1 was the clear winner!  Note the golf remains but as a 9-hole executive (3x9-hole),  tennis courts ae relocated and Rose Creek remains, basically untouched.

The committee certainly has been busy during Covid, and now offers only these choices.

Not much difference between them.  The golf course is removed and becomes part of the marsh land.  The tennis courts have been removed and Rose Creek will be allowed to meander through the marsh.

The swale in the RV park (pink) will allow for a better tidal flush.  The RV park should remain at 40 acres - the same size as Campland is now.

That’s enough background and with construction already underway, it’s time for a few photos of the work in progress.

I’ll start at the RV park.

The actual RV park itself remains unchanged from any previous visit.  A few more of the derelict mobile homes have been removed.

There are still quite a few left, but they are actively being removed.  

However the pool is now open!  Looks great.

The erosion along the perimeter trail has been cause by the wakes of the ski boats.

The pre-Covid plan continued ski boats to be allowed, and the boat launch ramp remained untouched.

All current options will include the launch ramp, but create a no-wake zone, allowing for more human or wind powered craft.  And improve landscaping at the parking lot.

However the De Anza Cove parking lot is not going to be entirely spared.  The partial removal of the De Anza Cove parking lot is already underway.

At the golf course the existing buildings are being demolished.

However the golf course itself remains open with the temporary buildings being used.

The golf course will become part of the marsh extension by 2035.

The Kendall Marsh will then extend from Crown Point in the west, east to the current boat ramp in De Anza Cove in the east..

Although the marina will be removed the condos will remain.

Rose Creek that flows under the Mike Gotch footbridge will become a large feed stream for the extended marshland.

The marsh will begin at Grand Avenue (bridge in the distance) and continue into the bay.

The idea is to allow the marsh to filter the water that is flowing into the bay from the now unobstructed Rose Creek.

Fran does not like the restroom redesign.  The new units will all be gender neutral.

Her point is ‘guys can be messy’ – good point!

In addition to new playground equipment,

exercise equipment is also being provided.

The new water fountains also include a doggy bowl.

The changes are not all what I voted for.  But should still create a better experience for visitors.


  1. It’s Gay…that’s a lot of changes. If you and Fran, as a locals, are happy then the changes are good. We have never stayed at Mission Bay as our pups enjoy the grass and huge play areas at the KOA, vut I have seen gorgeous sunset photos from other bloggers who have enjoyed being there. I’m sure the birds and wildlife photographers will love the marsh!

    1. Hi Gay! It's true locals did not get the golf and tennis courts, but overall the park will be a better place to visit for both the locals and our guests.

  2. Thanks for update and all the photos. Definitely some positive changes. We really do need get back there. I love camping along the bay. And it's such a great place to bike to all the various beaches.

    1. We too are very happy to see some real progress being made. Definitely a long way to go still. We always enjoy a bike ride around the bay and go about once a week, with a stop for a fish taco.

  3. Jodee GravelNovember 20, 2022

    That is quite the undertaking!!! Interesting to see what they've done so far, and all the many changes that are still to come.

    1. I'm looking forward to various sections as the become available. I mentioned previously the coffee/breakfast shack has opened and yesterday was a bit of a celebration at the opening of the new play area/equipment.

  4. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on the changes happening and to come. The parking lot ambiance of Mission Bay RV resort certainly weren't ideal, but those views and the nice walking paths through the homes made it a good place to stay. We'll watch with interest as it moves toward it's new iteration.

    1. The new 'Guest Parking' will be much better than the current parking lot, more like a real RV Resort! With more marshlands there will be more wildlife to enjoy as you enjoy those awesome sunsets, with a glass of wine.


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