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December 08, 2021

San Felipe - Bahia Santa Maria

We received a note from our SIL, Aleida, that she was going to San Felipe with Fran’s brother Bobby for a couple months.  We decided to join them!

As has become the norm for us we cross the border at Tecate.  The gateway to Baja’s Wine Trail, but alas we’re going east not south :)

With the early sunsets we elect to take the MX-2D, the toll road, with it’s 3 booths, it's the fastest means of reaching MX-5 and it joins south of Mexicali, avoiding that traffic mess.

MX-5 is a highway in very good condition with speeds posted at 110km (~65 mph).  The road crosses Laguna Salada (Salty Lagoon) for much of the way.

Bar Miramar does not serve food, and as a result was again Covid-Closed.  We did not get our desired Strawberry Margarita, but did stop at Rosita next door for a regular Margarita.  We like to walk the Malecon to loosen our stiff legs and enjoy an adult beverage after the long drive.  OMG check out the size of their Margarita!!!

There are many fun, new to us, ceramic art along the Malecon break wall.

and my favorite, a shrimp

We walked the entire Malecon.  Fran and Bobby together in front of the San Felipe sign, now painted pink to honor Breast Cancer, and neither of us finished that Margarita!

We arrived at the Bahia Santa Maria beach house with just enough time to open it up and clear much of the sand from the rear porch.

In the process of opening things up we noticed a large crack across the front deck.

And the cover from the deck has separated from the house.

Neither Bobby nor I wanted to spend our day taking on the task tearing it down.  We ended up hiring a local laborer and split his cost.

He can’t fix that crack, but we can at least sit out on the deck for another day.

While the deck overhead was being removed we stayed out of the way with one of many golf outings on our Bahia Santa Maria North 8 (we’re still missing our 9th flag).

Fran is without question the best golfer, but this trip she showed off her slice … A LOT!  She spent quite a bit of time in the water hazard, even lost a ball there.

And she still kicked our butts!

Fran stayed behind to kayak, while Bobby and I ran into town, with a long list of supplies needed.  We also went back to Rosita to try their food.  Notice I ordered a Margarita Chica (small girl) this time!

We stopped to fill up the gas can for the generator at 20.99 pesos per liter.  I thought Yikes!, but then realized that is under $4/gallon ... much less than San Diego.

Aleida came down with friends and fresh Tilapia, which was a nice treat for dinner.

Tilapia, avocado salad, salsa picante

Friends and family around the table.

Armando and Mayra, Bobby and Aleida, and Fran

Here’s a few picks from inside the casa.

The wood spiral staircase took a lot of work to figure out

Living room as seen from the kitchen

Dinning as seen from the entry, Fran likes the Greeter!

And from what remains of the porch.  Looking north and south.

North at mid tide

South at mid tide

We returned home with 6 kilos of San Felipe’s jumbo blue shrimp, a few packets of fresh hand made tortillas, and a couple bottles of wine.

One project I've been plugging away at for the past few years is to correct the wiring.  The house will fall into the ocean before I finish, but it is now down to a single AC point.  Either a single generator or inverter and battery pack.  That's down from three inverters!  And i may stop there, and enjoy what time is left.

It was a good trip, and we're looking forward to the next.


  1. What a wonderful trip! I love the spiral stairs. What a nice visit with family and friends…and some yummy margaritas!

    1. Those spiral stairs took us nearly a week to figure out! That was over 29 years ago when Boggy and I had the ambition. Now we support the local economy :)
      We're sure going to miss the Beach House when the ocean finally takes it down.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lori, it is indeed a great spot to spend some time on the beach. We'll certainly miss it.

  3. Oh wow! That looks like a beautiful area and to have so many fiends to share it with. Enjoy your stay.

    1. Thanks Doug, it is a beautiful area. MX-5 was a gravel road when we first started coming down, now that it is a freeway the area has been 'discovered', but much of the old charm remains.

  4. It has been way too long since we last visited. I knew you said the water was getting close, but that is literally steps from the back patio. Looks like it was good food and a good time for all.

    1. The water reaches under the patio at high tide. It will likely collapse with the next storm surge.
      Lot of fond memories from the previous trips.

  5. Such a great place. Shame the house can't be moved inland.

    1. We've put so much effort into having the Beach House of the decades, it's time to let nature take its course.
      The best option is to build a sea wall to hopefully protect the house, but our land-lease is up in a few years anyway ...

  6. I really like the mosaic art on the breakwall, so colorful! Fresh Mexican Shrimp, torillas, wine, good company and the sea.....what more could one ask for?

    1. The new artwork along the Malecon was a pleasant surprise. We have 2 Latina SILs and both will be here next month. Looking forward to trying some new shrimp recipes.

  7. Just don't attempt the spiral stairs after you finish one of those margaritas! Looks like a beautiful place and it's nice that you can enjoy it for a bit longer before nature does her thing.

    1. You're right that wooden spiral wiggles! Fran did fall down it awhile back and I have fallen from the loft - AH ... lots of fond memories.
      So glad to have enjoyed for as long as we have, a few more seasons would be great to cement those memories.

  8. John & AprilAugust 11, 2023

    Omg we miss that place, sleeping on the roof, fish tacos, coco-loco, and hanging out with you. So many wonderful memories!

    1. We miss going too The house has now been returned to the sea. No place for the 'Roof Rats' ;( But what a great place to stargaze! Glad you had the chance to enjoy it.


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