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October 09, 2021

Bombs at Mission Bay and more

We’ve been home now for a few weeks, but nothing really blog worthy has popped up …

Our local library branch remains covid-closed, so we ride our bikes to the Pacific Beach branch.

We were caught totally by surprise on the ride back, by Bomb Fest 2021 at Crown Point Park.  The event is sponsored by Street Tattoos.

Bombs everywhere!  I put some effort into the 2019 Bomb Fest HERE.  I suggest you check that out for more info on the Bombs, then enjoy a few pictures from my phone in this blog.

Talk about a slammed chassis!, the hydraulics of several cars allow them to rest on their frames.

I always like the trucks.

Future Bombs, I bet there is more money in the tires and hydraulics than what the car is worth.  I like the name of the truck: Chatarra Vieja (Old Scrap).

I have no idea how the wood dash is carved, but it is a piece of beauty.

Suicide doors and a sporty convertible.

A Hudson from the Dukes Club had the most chrome, but I say ‘Chrome won’t get you home.’  But sure looks good!

I have a new favorite truck:

Trying to take pictures while pushing a bicycle was a bit of a challenge.  I'd not want to cause a scratch on any of the 500 entries.  Next year I hope to do better, but it was time to continue home.

The Mission Bay Beach Club is opening up.

The Superbloom coffee and juice bar is fully open all year.

It serves all the coffee favorites of a major chain, along with organic juices.  There’s outdoor seating, or enjoy a chair by the vineyards overlooking the bay.

The Beach Bunny is a seasonal rental of bikes and standup paddle boards.

It’s now closed for the season, but I could peek in the window.

The ice cream cart Summer Afternoons is parked inside until next summer.

Yet to open is Picnic with munchies and on-premise beer and wine.  The Beach Club will be a nice addition to Mission Bay.

The City is still debating the Homeless vs Unhoused issues, that most major cities face.  The latest feelings lean toward those living within an enclosure are living in a home.  Hence this residence at Playa Pacifica on Mission Bay is a ‘home’.

as is this abode, also at Playa Pacifica.

These homes are lined up along East Mission Bay Drive.

Mayor Todd is asking for the City to permit the use of South Shores as an LTVA for those in 'homes'.  South Shores offers facilities including restrooms, showers, dump station, water ...

I’ve suggested to Fran we should move down there while there are still a few beach front spots available.  Lets see … on the beach with FREE water, FREE trash, FREE sewer … not a bad deal.

I hope this city figures out if it wants to continue to be "America's Finest City", or become 'America's Finest Shelter'.

Borrego Springs celebrates the start of the Snow Bird season with Borrego Days.  We'll be joining in the festivities again this year, blog to follow.


  1. Lots of interesting cars. I think the "homeless" in your city have a good deal going for them 😉 I may have to move there.😁 Have fun in BS.

    1. Thanks Doug! Bring the White Lion out anytime.

  2. The turquoise Chevy P.U. gets my vote!

    1. Thanks for following, John. It was close second.

  3. I have always loved old trucks. My fave is the patina and it’s name? Looking forward to pictures from BS…enjoy!

    1. We're looking forward to a few days in BS. And of course Borrego Days is the perfect excuse to go.

  4. Interesting vehicles at the show. The homeless situation is a struggle everywhere, especially along the CA coast. Our son's area of Playa del Rey is having similar decisions to make.

    1. The ‘Bombs’ are amazing and have been in the family for generations.
      I hope the homeless vs unhoused issue can be resolved and everyone can move on. It’s a tough situation for all

  5. We saw a ton of those old RVs while we were in Mission Bay and wondered what the long term plan would be. We did appreciate that they all moved around week to week and no one's stuff was "exploding" all over the place (unlike similar areas in Portland which looked atrocious), but yeah... it's not exactly a sustainable model. I read something recently that indicated a lot of these states are swimming in money (Covid related federal funding and unexpected budget surpluses) that could be used to address some of these issues. They just don't have actual programs and personnel to appropriately use it. Meanwhile, they keep enacting policies that just make the problems worse. They better get their acts together.

    1. I don't have a solution to the 'stealth campers' except to charge for parking at Mission Bay. That will just move the problem elsewhere ... like my front yard!
      I hope the city comes up with a workable program soon.

  6. Replies
    1. The passion the owners have shows in their Bombs

  7. The Bombs are awesome. Love the Hudson. So I could live for free in my "house" along the beach? Maybe I'm doing this wrong.

    1. LOL !!! For now you could indeed set up along the bay ... but I doubt that it will continue. You have a great spot now, looking forward to more blogs from your home


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