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September 10, 2021

Road Trip 2021 - Dayton wrap-up

Our time in Dayton has come to an end.  Although not all projects on the house were completed we made good progress.

The bathroom and bedroom are complete!

New vanity, mirror, vinyl flooring 

Hardwood floors, fresh paint & trim, new bed and curtains

We ran into a delay in the kitchen when Lowes provided gray flooring vice the beige Fran had ordered.  But at least the cabinets have been refinished.

Cabinets done, but need to see the flooring before painting

Oops – we’ll need a new garbage disposer, the arms are missing on this one.  Didn’t anticipate repair, it’ll have to wait till next time. 

But it certainly wasn’t all chores.  The Fraze Pavilion is a short bike ride away.  Where we enjoyed evening concerts.

Uncle Kracker was a one-hit-wonder with ‘Follow Me’, but put on a fun show doing all of his lesser known songs.

Gladys Knight was there, without her Pips.  She looked and sounded great. but I like her early Motown work much better.

My favorite was TUSK the ultimate Fleetwood Mac tribute band.  The gal was taller than Stevie Nix, but had the look, moves and voice down.  They were great!

The Fraze closed the summer season with DISCO!  That sure got the folks up and dancing.

But there are several other music venues in the area.  The Green, The Rose and The Levitt Pavilion come to mind.  St. Leonard’s is a retirement community that also provides entertainment.  We went there to enjoy The King’s English.  A group of friends that formed in the 60s at the University of Dayton.  And still play 60’s music, mostly for us old folks.

St. Leonard’s provides the snacks, although the wine was $5

St Leonard’s also offers the use of their pool and exercise rooms to the public.  

RiverScape Park along the Miami River hosts many events.  For our last night out we enjoyed the Big Band sounds of the Bob Gray Orchestra.

The little gal singing packs a huge beautiful voice.  She’s retired Air Force and has sung the National Anthem at many events including the Cincinnati Reds.

The gas company provided a day of entertainment relocating the meter in the basement to the exterior.

The connection to the main had to be located and a new line run.

The final result was a clean connection and a new meter with a shutoff valve.  A nice touch, but the house is poured concrete.  At least the exterior walls will not burn.

When the Fraze music season is over the surrounding Lincoln Park is used for other events.  We took the advice of Chapter3Travels, where Laura recommends a late start to popular events.  And indeed the annual Bacon Fest is less crowded in the afternoon.


We’re in the city of Kettering, which holds it’s annual block party at the Fraze.  The music is provided by the Kettering Civic Band.

With FREE hotdogs and chips.

Her red bag is probably half full of hotdogs … I know we brought 8 home.  :)

Over Memorial Day weekend the Fraze is host to Kettering's ‘Holiday at Home’ with an ‘Air Cooled’ car show, the first day.  Lots of VW bugs.

And VW ‘kit cars’


I’ve often thought a VW Thing would be a perfect San Felipe beach cruiser. 

The ultimate VW nerd had a lot of fun with this rig.


And an invitation only classics was held the next day.  Just WOW!


And my favorite, which is always a truck - a 1955 Chevy, I even like the color.

On Memorial Day there is the Holiday at Home parade in Kettering.

Fairmont High has a huge presence here, I can sit on the porch and listen to their Marching Firebirds band practices.

The classic fire trucks were on display prior to the parade at the Carillon, I missed the chance to visit them.


I had a chance to buy a Nash Metropolitan in the late 1960s.  This one looks great, but it must be a lot of work to keep it in parade show quality.

Hogs with Dogs!  I can’t say I’ve seen this before.  Must have been a couple dozen Harley Davidson cycles with puppies riding along!  All the dogs wore sun glasses.

The Wright Brothers made bicycles in Dayton and bicycles of all types were part of the parade.


Fran attended Alter High School, her alma mater has certainly grown since she graduated.

Brown and Gold ... The San Diego Padres colors

The Shriners are present at most parades.  But the little cars were missing here, think some are now getting too old for those and riding scooters instead.

Or 18-wheelers

There was only one Jeep TJ in the Jeep Club.  We must have a classic!  Chuck if you read this you have one, too!

I did take the RV out a couple times, both times was to the dump station!  I used the local $5 indoor station in the past, but not much further is the outdoor Beaver Creek facility.

Nice outdoor facility

And it doesn’t feel like I’m in a hot stinky pota-potty.
Indoor stinky facility

We ate at Marion’s Piazza 4 times with leftovers for breakfast.  There’s six now in the RV freezer to ease our withdrawal symptoms on the way home.  I'd bring back more if they could fit.

The heat index was over 100 for the first 10 days of our stay.  This little bunny stayed under the RV enjoying the cool drippings from the A/C.

I’ll leave with this sweet thought, Ester Price!  I’m not a huge chocolate lover, but I do make an exception for Ester Price.  Glad I rode the bike there, or I might have blown my budget.

On my bike ride back form Ester Price I stopped for the third time at Massaman Thai Cuisine.  A new Thai restaurant just off the bike path in Kettering.  

Pad Lad Na
It’s so good I may give up Marion’s Pizza … NAH!

And a few more Dayton Fun Facts:
1.  Charles Kettering in 1915 invented the automobile starter motor.  Along with his partner, Edward Deeds founded Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co. (DELCO).

2.  William Shoyer invented the aluminum baseball bat in 1924.  

3.  Ermal Fraze invented the pop-top can in 1959.

4.  Huffy Bicycles was founded in Dayton.


  1. Nice that you got so much done on the house and better to enjoy so much entertainment.

    1. Thanks Gaylen! We didn’t all our chores done but made some great progress.
      We did get to enjoy many of the local options for entertainment and dining.

  2. I think you stay was a huge success! Work, fun venues, live music and yummy things to eat sure makes time fly by! I’m a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and vintage trucks are totally awesome!

    1. I wish I'd taken a picture of all the parts of the Ikea TV stand Fran bought! A lot different from the custom stand Joe made! Can I borrow Joe? :)
      It may be the long harsh winters, or the hot humid summers, but there's several options every week here of things to do. British cars next week, alas we'll finally be on the road. Probably no trucks anyway ...

  3. See? See??? Stick with me and I'll find you bacon-y goodness! LOL!

    Y'all have been BUSY! I'm sure the heat was a challenge, but it certainly didn't stop you from taking advantage of all the fun things to see, do, and eat! The house renovations look great, by the way. Really nice work.

    1. Not so sue arriving late to the parade would have worked, but sure was good advice for a bacon churro! Thanks for the tip!

  4. If you hadn't shown us your work progress I wouldn't have believed that you had time for anything other than have fun! Good times!

    1. For sure not everything got done but we took advantage of some of the fun options


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