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July 08, 2021

Coronado - Heritage Trees

Currently Coronado has 13 trees designated as Heritage Trees.  To be selected a tree must have a “significant combination of attributes that make it worthy of receiving acclaim and protection.“ ~Heritage Tree Program

For my bike ride I chose to ride the Silver Strand, rather than take the ferry across.

The trees can be viewed in any convenient order.  For my purposes I created a Google interactive map that can be found HERE.  As the City Map only shows the first 9 trees. 

001 Torrey Pine (Pinus Torryana)
Located in Palm Park.  The Torrey Pine is the official tree of Coronado.  There are 3 fine examples on the Coronado Heritage Tree List.

002 Torrey Pine (Pinus Torryana).
Located at the entrance to the Coronado Library.

Although the San Diego County libraries are open, many of the city libraries are still Covid-Closed.  It’s worth going in to see the Oz themed stained glass wall that separates the children's section.  I have a couple pictures on my blog HERE.

003 Star Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla)
Located in Rotary Plaza.  The Star Pine is native to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, hence it is also called the Norfolk Island Pine.

004 Torrey Pine (Pinus Torryana)
Located on the traffic island at 6th St and Pomona

005 Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus Macrophylla)
Located at 1121 Flora Ave across the street from the ‘Oz House’, where L. Frank Baum wrote the book.
Not as large as the Moreton Bay Fig in Balboa Park.  It’s still quite impressive.

I  have more information on the Oz House and a couple pictures on my blog HERE.

006 Fern Pine (Afrocarpus Gracilior)
Located at 525 I Ave.
A very impressive East African fern pine tree

007 Italian Stone Pine (Pinua Pinea)
Located in the backyard of 731 I Ave.  This beautiful Stone Pine is the largest n the city and was planted in 1965 as a living Christmas Tree.  I sure would not want to decorate now.

There is not a plaque on the street for this tree, which is on private property.

008 Italian Stone Pine (Pinua Pinea)
I did not find a plaque for this beautiful tree in the backyard of 1027 Adella Ave.  Must be a thing to omit plaques for trees on private property.

009 Deodar Cedar (Cedrus Deodara)
Located at the 2nd block of Orange Ave.
Native of the Himalayas this is the best example of the 42 deodar cedars that form “Christmas Lane”

010 Sugar Gum (Eucalyptus Cladocalyx).
Located on the 1st block of E Ave.  The eucalyptus is a native of Australia. 


There are many fine examples along E Ave.  The sidewalk was relocated to protect this big boy.

On thee opposite side of the street is this awesome Brazilian Pepper, that looks out of place among the eucalyptus.

011 Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla)
Aka Star Pine, is located at 1000 Adella Ave.

012/13 Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla)
This matched pair stand on either side of the library entrance.  The single plaque is on the tree to the left side, for this blog I'll call that tree 012.

Tree 013 then will be located behind the Imagine Dragon on the right side of the walkway.

I followed the walkway behind the dragon to the fun little garden with, of course, more trees.

Bay View park is always a welcome rest stop.  At this point I was thinking 'if I'd taken the ferry, the ride would be almost over now.'  I still have 12 miles to go!

I finished my loop with at stop at Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q at the Ferry Landing before my return ride back down the Silver Strand.

I can recommend their pulled pork or beef brisket sandwich.  The pulled pork includes the coleslaw in the sandwich, so order their yummy beans as your side dish.  I order coleslaw as the side with the brisket and add it to the sandwich.

Although the bike path is paved the entire length of the Silver Strand, it's relaxing to ride the nature trail that often parallels the path.

Although this turned out to be a 30 mile ride it is nearly all level.  No bike?  No problem!  Either standard bikes or eBikes can be rented at the Coronado Ferry Landing.  Or across the bridge is Rad Power Bikes rentals.  A new additions to Phase 2 of the Bikeway Village at the south entrance.

Now it's time to get the RV loaded for some travel time, starting next week.  I'm looking forward to being on the road.  


  1. This is awesome Jeff! Looking forward to seeing some of these Heritage Trees…maybe this winter!

    1. P.S. Safe travels! And have fun!

    2. You can easily include a few of the trees next time you take the puppies to the Dog Park.
      Thanks! We'll be leaving next week for North Lake Tahoe via a leisurely drive up 395.

  2. Good job, 30 miles! You deserved that good looking lunch.

    1. LOL - you guys do 30 miles before breakfast ... in the rain! It was a cool day and a level ride or I'd been on that ferry, then calling Uber!

  3. 30 miles is no joke. It's nice to have a little scavenger hunt along the way to keep things fun. Some of those trees are just stunning and, sadly, I probably never would have noticed them absent someone pointing them out. Thanks for the tour!

    1. It was indeed a bit of a scavenger hunt, which was a big part of the challenge and fun. Anyone touring Coronado would have to notice the landscaping is certainly a step above most others. The trees are among the highlights.

  4. Thanks for sharing this otherwise unknown info to me...

    1. With your background, I'm sure you and Sharon would enjoy this little sightseeing adventure. I'd recommend the ferry $5 ($10 r/t) including your bike!, and enjoy some time on the island.

  5. Thanks for the "tour". We love Coronado Island but haven't noticed those particular trees! Safe travels on one of our favorite routes!

    1. Has Lew been to the Coronado dog park? Have fun day and look for a few trees. RV is ready and so are we! So enjoy 395


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