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May 16, 2021

SoCal Meritage - Mission Bay, Blogger, OB, Bentley

Nothing really ‘Blog Worthy’ in my laid back lazy life these past few weeks.  In addition to returning from San Felipe with shrimp, we picked up a couple bottles of wine from Monte Xanic – my favorite winery of the famous Guadeloupe Valley. This one is a Meritage, 'Selección' a select blend of Melbec, Merlot and Cabernet.

Hence the title of this blog which will be a blending of a few things that might be of interest to the reader.

Google will no longer allow streaming of its services via Roku.  A Google streaming device is required.  Some TVs have Google's Chromecast integrated in.  The Visio in the RV does, but none of the Samsung TVs in the house do.  So we have switched to AT&T TV to continue using our 3 Roku devices, of course there’s a gotchya: the Visio can’t get AT&T!, it has a Google OS :(

Goggle’s Blogger has announced the end of Follow by Email.

FollowByEmail widget (Feedburner)
"This widget is no longer available to be activated.  Recently, the Feedburner team released a system wide announcement, that the email subscription service will be discontinued in Jul 2021

As of today they have not announced a replacement widget.  I have 16 email followers, since as yet I cannot offer an option I have removed the widget from my blog.

No new progress on the removal of the derelict homes at the Mission Bay Resort.  On my walk this morning every site was occupied, and the guest parking area nearly full.


The Mission Bay Beach Club will be open this summer.  During the early discussions on the DeAnza Cove Revitalization Plan a restaurant with on premise beer/wine.  Instead the historic Visitor Center now has these offerings:

Mission Bay Beach Club

Beach Bunny Rentals

On the left is Super Bloom (vegan coffee/juice); in back is Summer Afternoons ('nice' cream)

The RV Dump Station is temporarily closed.

The notice redirects users to South Shores.  At South Shores there were 42 not-so Stealth Campers when I decided to check it out!


Almost as crowed as the RV park!

Although the 55 year Ocean Beach Pier has long since reached the end of its service life,  the city has yet to decide to do further repairs or replace the pier.  It has been closed since January with no reopening plan announced.  It will cost ~$50 million to repair or ~$60 million to replace the pier.

The gates to the pier are locked.

This photo from San Diego UT shows the Jan 11 storm that caused the damage

Well, while I had a parking spot in OB I thought I'd get a To-Go order.  Oh yeah Hodad's!  Don't tell Fran that I have fallen off my diet ... again!


I've not tried it, but for the beer drinkers ... Hodad's has their own.  I'll have to give it a try.

Meet Bentley, a new member of the grandgirls' household.  He’s a St. Bernard mix, cute and friendly as can be!



  1. Yay Hodads! RVing in Mission Bay looks unpleasant. Thanks for all the updates.

    1. Hodad's has the best burgers! Glad to share what there is to share from here. Speaking of updates how is the move going?

    2. Dave is due home tonight and our "stuff" arrives bright and early Friday morning...puff puff!

    3. You and Dave have a week to enjoy, before the work begins again!

  2. Hey checkout https://follow.it/intro. I was able to get it to work easily to replace feedburner. Now I am still trying to figure out how to import my followers into it, but at least it allows them to follow again.

    1. Thanks John I'll look into that. Googled FREE replacements for Feedburner, didn't check out follow.it as an alternative.

  3. I hate it when they make changes to tech programs we all rely on. So annoying. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Ah well, hopefully you'll find a quick replacement. In the meantime, if you're gonna blow your diet, it may as well be on something good, and that burger looks goooooood!

    1. When a technology gets a good following, it seems to need to be changed. ARG!
      You were here during the Covid-Lockdowns, sorry SoCal couldn't show you some hilites like Hodad's. Awesome burgers!


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