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March 04, 2020

Tecolote Canyon Revisited - Urban Hiking San Diego

I’ve mentioned in past posts that Tecolote Canyon is our go-to local hike, in that we can hike the lower section as a loop from our front door.

My old Merrill hiking boots are well worn, hence I wore tennis shoes in our failed attempt to complete Rainbow Canyon.  I found a pair of near-new used Keen boots in my size in the ‘used gear’ at REI for a third the cost of new.

Feet meet boots

the Keen boots have a bigger toe box and grab the foot at the ankle, making downhill stretches much more comfortable. 

Tecolote Canyon is in it’s 4th year of restoration projects.  I volunteer here for the cleanup, but have left the last couple years of replanting to the pros.

Tecolote (owl in Spanish) may not have been named for the abundance of owls, but the vines the native Americans called “tecolil”.  Although several species of owl call the canyon home, I've not seen any owls in the canyon, but the vines still remain.

Instead of entering the park from home off September Street I want to see the updates to the Nature Center and will enter the park there.  One of the first items I noticed is the little trail map case had maps!  a first ... a copy of the map can be downloaded HERE.

New displays have been added in order to benefit and educate visitors and local residents.  It will be open by the time I return.

Behind the Nature Center, the Kumeyaay village and native plant exhibits remain unchanged.

However, the fence is decorated with paintings of the many creatures who make their home here.

To facilitate access for the trucks and equipment needed in the restoration projects the main trail is now a dirt road.

The Battle Trail has had some restoration and improvement projects completed, but remains mostly a 'trail'. 

There was no 'Battle of Tecolote', the trail is named for M. Eloise Battle who argued tirelessly for the city to acquire the canyon as open space.  In 1974 the canyon was acquired with Battle asked to take charge of the new nature preserve.

The Battle Trail follows the base of the southern side of the canyon.  This side does not get as much sun.  Runoff from the USD campus and Linda Vista in general leave the ground wet well into summer.

The typical muddy areas are now covered with wooden walkways.  It's nice that I can keep the mud off my new-to-me boots.

An inviting oak tree has become home to the bees. 

The hive is within this hollow base.

The non-native plants are being removed, to be replaced with native vegetation.  Lots of work has been done on this section.

The tall stocks of the invasive wild radish indicate that this area has not yet been reclaimed.

The Battle Trail returns to the main dirt road, with previous restoration efforts just to the west.

Which continues on past the natural gas bumping site to the Tecolote Golf Course.  The map shows the trails that exit the canyon to the east.

The main trail heads northeast to the trailhead on Genesee, however I stay left following the rolling hills along the Tecolote Golf Course.

Not shown on the 'official' map is that there is a brand new foot bridge crossing Tecolote Creek at the golf course club house.  

 Fran is playing golf today, with better coordination I could catch a ride home!  But we typically exit the park here and walk up the hill home, and that's what I do again.


  1. Nice find on the boots for a nice hike.

    1. I was happy scoring the boots, it's so hard to justify the cost of new. Tecolote is as a destination, is still a work in progress.

  2. I too am in need of few boots... may have to check out the nearest REI

    1. Give REI a try. Considering the number of miles left in my knee, I couldn't justify the cost of new boots. The clerk offered these had been returned, you may have to ask if they have any returns.

  3. Interesting you could find used boots to fit. Look in nice shape. A nice trail through the canyon and they have some great exhibits.

    1. The store clearance sale is ongoing, there were 3 other pair in my size 10.. But these were 'clearance returns' and NOT waterproof, so even better ... lighter and less expensive.
      the city is putting some serious effort into the canyon.

  4. Score on the boots and nice to put them to use right outside your door.

    1. Thanks Gaelyn! Our local REI has since cancelled its sale and closed the store for a few days.


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