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January 24, 2020

Mission Bay RV Park - a brief update

In June 2019 the City of San Diego entered into an agreement with Campland on the Bay providing Campland a short-term clean-up and improvement contract.  Over the next 2 years Campland was to remove the abandoned mobile homes owned by the city and provide a ‘cleaner, safer, more accessible Mission Bay’.

A new entrance sign

The arrangement was quickly challenged in court by ReWild Mission Bay, backed by the San Diego Audubon Society.  

This past October Campland and San Diego Audubon agreed to placement of new RV spaces, ‘as far removed from the bayfront as possible’.

Audubon has agreed not to further challenge Campland’s Coastal Development Permit (CDP), in regards to RV placement.  But can still challenge the CDP on any other grounds.

Unfortunately until a new CDP is in place nothing will happen.  Campland was given a 5-year extension to the original short-term agreement.  So instead of having a ‘cleaner, safer, more accessible Mission Bay’ in June 2021, it’ll be more like June 2026.

A few things have changed at the park.  It is now a Good Sam park, not a Passport America park.  Security is now provided by Campland’s Hospitality Rangers.

I’ll miss the little food truck just inside the entrance.  Campland asked them to leave, but all facilities at Campland on the Bay are now available.  Altho there is a cantina there, I liked the food truck!
The food truck sat here in the picnic area

The location is unbeatable in San Diego, in the northeast corner of Mission Bay.

The existing Campland on the Bay will likely stay until the RV sites are developed.  It will then become an extension of the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve.

Campland today

With no CDP in place, Campland did not provide security for the abandoned city property.

Here’s what a walk around the park looked like last week:
Broken windows


Eroded walkway

A microwave left behind

A nice pull-out recently used

What was the best place to RV in San Diego is now a bit of an eye-sore.  But the location is the best!

image from shutter stock
The blogging community will certainly miss George Yates.  George lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Jan 15th.  His wife Suzie posted a Celebration of George's life on their blog Our Awesome Travels.  George took the time to create an autobiography, with his wit and wisdom - it's worth a read.
 I had the pleasure of meeting George and Suzie last year at Pegleg Smith near Borrego Springs.  George with his trademark straw hat and vest and a contagious smile

photo by Suzie Feb 2019
RIP George.


  1. Sue Bank and I were just talking about Mission Bay RV Park. We were wondering how it was going and what condition the RV park was in. That is so sad to see those mobile homes vandalized that way. It wasn't a great place with all the overgrowth but now it is a huge eye sour. Too bad that the clean, safe agreement was pushed back so far. It is the best place to stay in San Diego especially right along the water. Thanks for the update.

    1. It was a comment Suzi made On the Road of Retirement that had me thinking of researching this post. John replied to Suzi that it's going to take a lot more time than originally planned ... it certainly will!

  2. Thanks for going back in and reporting back. What a mess. Is the campground itself (Mission Bay) still the same, can one still walk along the mobile home park and the bay as before (even if one needs to avert one's eyes!) It's location is so perfect and the fact that we could walk Lewis along the bay made it perfect for us.....sigh

    1. Except for the loss of the Food Truck, all else inside the park is the same. As is the paved walk along the bay, both within the park and Mission Bay. It's still a perfect location, just in need of some major cleanup of the old mobile homes.

    2. BTW - Campland has some good ground crews. The landscaping is looking better :)

  3. Interesting about the RV park. I would have loved to have been the owner of that land back when. Very nice tribute to George.

    1. Some 35 years ago I lived in there, right on the banks of Rose Creek. Still the best location and I trust my old 'hood' will again be one of the best addresses in San Diego.

  4. Ugh... I have been anxiously awaiting word about Mission Bay since it's where we like to stay when in SD. As bad as the old abandoned homes were, at least they weren't trashed. The security at MB always seemed a bit heavy handed, but it looks like they were doing a good job keeping the area safe. Now, I'm not so sure I'd walk around the point by myself. That's truly unfortunate. Looks like the never ending saga is truly never ending...

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I read about him on another blog as well. It sounds like he was a lovely person who will be sorely missed.

    1. I still walk the point a couple times a week, it's safe, got to get my 10,000 steps in :) The legal challenges sure do delay things!
      It's still a great location! but there other options in good south bay without the wranglings here.

  5. Lisa and I did our walk around the RV Park in late December and we too found the perimeter area of mobile homes a bit depressing. All the delays and downgrade in security have sure helped fester the downturn of the RV Park. I am almost glad that we are not staying there anymore. It is amazing how long it is taking to get the changes done, but with the current state of affairs regarding Campland/Mission Bay and all the parties involved, I am not surprised. One of these years it will all get done and look decent, just have to keep waiting. Thanks for the update Jeff.

    1. The delays are truly frustrating. With the amount of asbestos in these old homes, I think their removal would be a priority.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks. George will be a legend in the RV community. Every time i fire up our Weber I'll wonder what he'd be cooking on his.

  7. I couldn't have blogged about this park more succinctly... As for safety we felt completely safe walking around the point but just had to veer our eyes seaward..

    1. Thanks John, having just spent a a couple months there you would be more attuned to the 'night life' than I would be.

  8. Would be good to get rid of the abandoned mobiles before there's anymore vandalism. Shame it has to take so long.

    George will be missed.

    1. I agree that the now empty homes should be removed as soon as possible. The details of the redevelopment can be worked out simultaneously.


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