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November 18, 2019

Amigos Car Club - Chicano Park

 Amigos Car Club of San Diego, was at the Bomb Fest at Mission Bay.  The club received special recognition for providing positive role models to the barrio youth.

The club was rewarded with its own pillar in Chicano Park to express the positive image of Lowriders and support of their history and the Chicano culture that they represent.

I saw on the news that many of the murals in the park are being refreshed and I suspected there would be a few cars from the club at the dedication of the pillar, it was time to revisit Chicano Park.  

This beauty leads the parade on the pillar.

a soccer-mom lowrider with 3rd row seating, follows on the pillar.

Pickup trucks too can be lowriding bombs, this Chevy is next on the pillar.

check out the truck bed with the hydraulic tanks.

Perhaps the most unusual, impressive, Bomb at the show belongs to club founder ‘Rigo’ Reyes.   It’s a 1929 Willys Knight in immaculate condition.

Well all the cars were immaculate, but it's not often I get to see a Willys Knight.

I mentioned that some of the murals are being restored as seen here by the white undercoat waiting for this overpass to be completed.

Work at the park and Senior Center has been completed and the vibrant colors restored.

Around 2PM the decedents of Azlan arrived in traditional Aztec dress to bless the pillar.
With drums, incense, dance and dueling conch shell horns.  

The ceremony took about an hour, now that's not something we get to see everyday!


  1. Nice to see the pictures that went along with your story that you were telling us at lunch. So glad to have finally met you two!

    1. Actually it was our pleasure to share lunch with you and Sharon. We'll have to take up Frisbee Golf and spend an afternoon on the course with you.


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