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June 25, 2019

On to Omak - Road Trip 2019

The ferry from Westport, Oregon is way too short!  In just 15 minutes we're in Cathlamet Washington at County Line Park.  It's an ok W/E park on the Columbia River.

While here we learned from my kid brother was check into Tacoma General with a cardiac anomaly.  Yup that's the same kid brother that should be in San Diego house sitting and mowing the lawn!  So many 'what-if' scenarios bounce around that we head directly there. 

Directly there meant missing great friends 40th anniversary party at the Olympia Yacht Club.  Where, childhood friend,  Doug Heath (Paul Revere and the Raiders) is performing live music!  Great Party J&R and congratulations on your 40th, and being such great friends to us..

As it turns out we missed the worst of the scare situations and he'll be discharged the day after visit.With not many options we leave Tacoma and head for our son's home in Bothell. We're a day early but they have room in the driveway for us. 

They also have a nice back yard where Fran could take a few practice swings and Jm and I could play Jenga. 

With both the kids having to work Friday morning we have grandson Jm to ourselves and the sons brand new DIESEL Chevy Colorado!  Surprised do not have a picture of the beautiful truck!

After visiting my mom's gravesite we took Jm to Snoqualmie Falls this is both filled with young memories for me and and a favorite stop for us.  For lunch we like The Attic at the Salish Lodge. We usually order the pear pizza, but Jm says their child's peperoni is awesome!

I should mention the 'House' wine and the views are also pretty darn good from a window seat at The Attic.

We're still a bit ahead of schedule for getting back.Woodenville is not much of a detour where there are a lot of wine tasting opportunities.  But we stop at ony Saint Miacale, one of my [many] favorites. 

However Ziggy Marley (Bob Marley's son) is performing in a few hours ... the place is packed!

After this diversion we are now back on track. Jm and clan are packing up their RV and we are all heading to Lake Wenatchee for a few days of bonding.  To get there we follow US-2 east with a train break at Skykomish.

Jm and Fran took a vride on the diesel train.  The rides are FREE and offered on weekends

Jm and family took a ride on the electric train

However the steam train was under repair while we were there.

Our destination for the long weekend with the kids was Lake Wenatchee 

Jm enjoyed the rock climbing while we engoyed the views along with an awesome driftwood fort,  

And finally s picture from Leavenworth where an accordion competition was being held.

Despite our brief visit to Tacoma General there were No Bad Days!  And we wll continue on to Canada.   

We will be crossing into BC tomorrow!


  1. Carry on a nd a good crossing, enjoy BC and welcome to Canada.

    1. Looking forward to some peameal bacon, do they have it in BC?

  2. Glad your brother is good. You are seeing some great places

    1. Thanks, we’re glad he’s good as we continue our trip. So many great places, so little time

  3. We had a great time seeing you!

    1. And us seeing you!!! We had a fun day with Jm at the falls. Thanks for showing us the train rides!

  4. Glad to hear your brother is OK. You have traveled through some familiar landscapes.


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