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January 22, 2019

Testing Error 400 … Test 3.

This introduction paragraph is written in OLW, version 0.6.2 … DONOT update to 0.6.3 it has a bug. 
1. I’ll post this text using ‘Post draft to blog’. 
Now on Blogger I’ll add photos leaving some space between them.
2.  I’ll add a couple test photos from Google photos NOT Picasa This photo is X-Large

  This photo is Original size

3.  While still in Blogger I switched to HTML to view the code source, with Ctl-A (select all) Ctl-C (copy all) the source code is copied to the clipboard.

4.  Back in OLW on the bottom left select the ‘Source’ tab to view the HTML and use Ctl-A (select all) Ctl-V (paste) to overwrite the Introduction with the HTML code from the Blogger Editor.

5. In OLW now select Edit tab at the bottom left.

Sweet - now edit the post as usual.
Save a Local Draft
Post Draft to Blog

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