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September 07, 2018

San Diego’s Best Brunch Value - Cocina del Charro

OK Cocina del Charro (cooking of the ranch) is actually in North County, but we were going to San Marcos anyway.  The brunch price has increased to $20, but remains a decent value when in the North County area.  And with Marty, my hungry kid brother, a bargain.
IMG_0146 (1280x960)

To workup an appetite Marty enjoyed mowing the lawn and prepping the deck to get a fresh coating of stain.  I was getting hungry too, having a second cup of coffee and taking a few pictures.  Nice of him to finish up my chores for me – Thanks!
IMG_0148 (1280x959)IMG_0117 (1280x931)

Kami had made reservations for all of us, and it was soon time to meet up with the family.  The brunch is contained in 4 rooms. The main room has the traditional breakfast buffet items,and a wonderful fresh fruit selection.
IMG_0126 (924x1280)IMG_0125 (895x1280)

The shrimp cocktail was just ok but the ceviche was really awesome, we all went back for seconds … thirds.
IMG_0128 (1280x938)IMG_0129 (1280x945)

Beyond the main buffet is a smaller room with traditional Mexican offerings of soups red (pork) and green (chicken)  Pozole, and Menudo.  The quesadilla bar also offers street tacos.  Either can be made with carnitas, carne asada or chicken.  All three were very good, with my preference toward the carnitas.
IMG_0130 (1280x947)IMG_0132 (960x1280)

The 3rd room is an omelet bar, with a large selection of options.  Each is made to order.
IMG_0133 (1280x959)

The final room is dedicated to the desserts.  Too many choices, I went back to the fruit tables.
IMG_0138 (1280x929)IMG_0137 (1280x910)

Fran chose a few chocolate options and a roasted plantain.  The plantain was really good with cinnamon and sugar.   Marty on the other hand could not make a choice and came back with cheesecake, kiwi fruit and another sausage.  The girls went for the cookies, charros and jello.
IMG_0139 (1280x943)IMG_0140 (1280x954)
IMG_0143 (1280x926)

It was a busy and fast passed week with Marty here.  I’m not able to put together my usual single weekly post with the diverse outings we enjoyed, hence I’ll put together a few short posts.  I hope you enjoy following along.

No Bad Days! nope not a one during Marty’s visit.

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