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August 04, 2018

Clairemont Family Day

Clairemont Family Day kicks off with a pancake breakfast provided by the local Kiwanis. We rode our bikes to the event a few years ago with Kg and Aj.  Specifically for the pancake breakfast, Aj made sure we got our money’s worth.

To honest I’m here for the cars, so a bit of the family fun and a bit more of the car show.  The ‘South Clairemont Park’ is actually in Bay Park, and next to Clairemont High School where Fast Times at Ridgemont High was filmed.  If you have not seen the movie it is a coming of age movie with a lot of kids who made it big … and of course the infamous bikini-drop.

IMG_8032 (1280x959)Capture

There are a lot of rides for the kids.  I do mean a surprising number, with not enough kids to ride them all.

IMG_8034 (1280x953)IMG_8078 (1280x945)

The rides are geared toward the younger kids.  Guess that explains why this gal is texting while riding … is that legal?

IMG_8038 (1280x942)IMG_8036 (1280x950)

Lots of vendor booths including what is becoming the SoCal version of the Farmer’s Market.  A bit of competition for Amazon Fresh.

IMG_8043 (1280x960)IMG_8042 (1280x943)

The entertainment stage allowed the local groups to present what they do, while recruiting new students.  These gals had some moves, but I like the moves of the little karate kid gal.

IMG_8045 (1280x930)IMG_8081 (1280x959) 

The DJ at the car show was playing Stagger Lee as I wondered over.  One of Fran’s favorite movies is Shag, which as the kids all shag dancing to Stagger Lee.  Fran is in Ohio or we might just have busted out a few moves of our own.

I had a ‘56 BelAire in high school, this is a ‘55 and looks way better than mine ever did.  I always enjoy seeing what can be done with an early Ford frame.

IMG_8054 (1280x941)IMG_8057 (1280x959)

IMG_8052 (1280x956)IMG_8056 (1280x959)

A 33 Riley?  nope it’s a good looking replica tho.

IMG_8061 (1280x912)

I think I’ve seen this car in many parades. It really demands to have a pretty girl sitting high in the back.

IMG_8064 (1280x930)

Why?  Just because you can does not mean youshould

IMG_8071 (1280x960)

The rare Bricklin SV-1 was only manufactured in New Brunswick, Canada for just over a year.  They are so rare that only there was on two here, and one was for sale $15k

IMG_8068 (1280x954)IMG_8065 (1280x957)

IMG_8067 (1280x918)IMG_8082 (1280x941)

But I always like the trucks and for me the gold medal goes to this 1937 Chevy

IMG_8072 (1280x960)IMG_8073 (1280x924)

Again No Bad Days this week, I hope I can say that next week as I search for a spot free of the excessive heat in the desert, or the smoke in the Eastern Sierra, to view the meteor shower.  Suggestions?

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