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July 22, 2018

OTL World Championships - Fiesta Island

The Over The Line World Championships are held annually after Independence Day on Mission Bay’s Fiesta Island.  I did an introduction to Old Mission Beach Athletic Club (OMBAC) and their invention of OTL last year HERE.  If you are not sure what the game entails take a brief review, the rules are simple – hit the ball over the line!
IMG_7958 (1280x958)IMG_7994 (1280x942)

This is the 65th annual OTL World Championships.  Both Fox Sports West and ESPN have approached OMBAC for permission to televise the event, but OMBAC has turned them down -  this is an adult themed event and may not be suitable for TV.  But I will do what I can for a ‘G rating’ on the blog!

The first 1200 teams to register will compete for this years title.  The 48 courts will cover the interior surface of Fiesta Island.  Much of the perimeter of the island will become a parking lot.
IMG_7963 (1280x959)

We’ll ride our bikes over, but there are also free shuttle buses that run from parking lots around Mission Bay.  Fiesta Island may be closed to traffic about the time the games start.  An early arrival can get a parking spot.  For the hard core the city will allow RV parking, for $300 – that gets you Friday/Saturday night for both weekends.  Or there is prepaid parking at the ‘Dog Park” location.
IMG_7982 (1280x958)IMG_7961 (1280x898)

Boy/Girl Scouts of America will benefit from the recycle program of the event.  It’s a long hot day of collection and sorting, they deserve what they ‘can’ collect!
IMG_7983 (1280x944)IMG_7973 (1280x955)

Although there is a bit of a ‘Mardi Gras’ atmosphere, that is not how Fran earned her beads, nor did we enjoy any shooters!  It’s all who ya know …
IMG_7947 (1280x930)IMG_7975 (1280x959)

There are lots of vendors here, no need to go hungry nor thirsty.  A good friend, Barny, worked the Big Al’s grill for some time.  He baked peanut butter cookies for special customers … including us!
IMG_7949 (1280x959)IMG_7951 (1280x956)
IMG_7955 (1280x933)IMG_7988 (1280x958)

For sure Big Al’s is a fun place
IMG_7990 (1280x959)IMG_7989 (1280x912)

And also offers a refuge from the hectic pace of the main events
IMG_7992 (1280x960)IMG_7991 (1280x959)

Ice is available as is the leftover from yesterday.  All ice is non-GMO and gluten free!  Who knew there could be gluten in ice?
IMG_7962 (1280x946)

But we’re here for the games.  The pitch is from a teammate, typically just a gentle toss for the batter to hit with a golf swing.  The pitcher presents the ball from a squatting position facing the batter.
IMG_7998 (1280x942)IMG_8000 (1280x945)

Or from a sidewise position or occasionally high enough to allow the batter to use a conventional baseball swing.
IMG_8001 (1280x944)IMG_7999 (1280x959)

The idea is to hit the ball over the line without a defender catching it.  If it does not go over the line, that's an out.  If the ball is caught by a defender, that's an out.  If the ball does not land in the playing field, that's a foul ball.  Two foul balls and that's an out.

Our nephew Joey is around the corner on Court 42.  The first week they were undefeated 4-0, let's see how they do this week.  Here’s ‘the Joe’ demonstrating the golf swing and a bit of the baseball swing.  He’s also the team pitcher, a natural lefty as a pitcher?  Seems to work!
IMG_8004 (1280x950)IMG_8005 (1280x931)
IMG_8006 (1280x940)IMG_8008 (1280x960)

Defense is hard to describe.  Kevin is defending ‘The Line’ just a couple feet in front of him, Joey is mid-field to catch what Kevin cannot or what Kevin can deflect.  Dan is deep – no home runs!  A hit just over the line is hard to defend, if Kevin cannot catch the ball he might be able to slap it up and allowing Joey to catch it.
IMG_8009 (1280x926)

Joey works at and plays for Rocky’s Crown Pub, which gives us access to their palapa and clean porta-potty.  A nice shot of Fran giving the boys some advice, or are they helping her understand the game?
IMG_8011 (1280x953)IMG_8012 (1280x943)

I promised to keep this ‘G Rated’ but team ‘Leave it to Cleavage’ is next up.  On the second photo I have no idea of her team, and have no intention of finding out!
IMG_8010 (1280x958)IMG_8016 (1280x960)

Another fun day at the beach, until next week No Bad Days!

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