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April 22, 2018

San Felipe - a week at the beach

We first took Fran’s brother Bobby to San Felipe over 20 years ago, he fell in love with the place!  Soon found a spot to build his ‘Beach House’ at Bahia Santa Maria, 31 km south of town.  He also found Aleida, a lovely seƱorita to marry.
IMG_7073 (1280x958)

Aleida’s mother has suffered a stroke and she (and Bobby) will be spending time with her at her home, and time at Aleida’s home in town and time at the Beach House with us.

While at the Beach House Aleida enjoyed a ride on my quad while her son, Aderly, took one of the motorcycles.   They both enjoyed a nice ride on and overcast day.  Bobby allowed Aderly to take the motorcycle to town for his personal transportation.
IMG_7101 (1280x943)IMG_7104 (1280x943)

The meds Bobby has for his Parkinson’s continue to work well and painting is something Aleida wants done and something we can do together.  Bobby brought down 18 partial 1 gallon cans of paint, which he mixed together.  At least the paint was FREE!  And it mixed into a real nice blue that matched the sky.
IMG_7091 (1280x959)IMG_7092 (1280x959)

We set up our golf flags as the Bahia Santa Maria North Course.   The fairway is a narrow strip of sand between the front and back bays.  As Fran demonstrates it is a long walk down the sand when she slices her drive.
IMG_7089 (1280x955)IMG_7090 (1280x950)

The beach just north of us is known as Shell Beach.
IMG_7081 (1280x959)IMG_7084 (1280x959)
IMG_7085 (1280x960)IMG_7139 (1280x959)

Shell Beach is reached from a single access road from the back bay.  For some time there have been attempts to develop home sites on the back bay.   Over the past few years 8 dry wells have been drilled, but this one seems to have hit water!  Darn!!!! but that water still needs to be tested …
IMG_7079 (1280x935)IMG_7087 (1280x945)

With high winds on the incoming tide there was not much for us to do but to wait it out.  The wind driven storm tide brought us a undesired gift of a gray whale (ballena) carcass.  
IMG_7100 (1280x953)IMG_7121 (1280x957)

Bobby sleeps in the master bedroom, Fran likes it in the loft.  But I like the roof!  On the roof there were meteors every night, satellites and more stars than grains of sand on our beach.  A couple views from my 'bedroom - first north and then south with the Milky Way the dominate feature.
IMG_7110 (1280x960)IMG_7111 (1280x960)

Despite being mesmerized by the starry night, the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez is not to be missed.  I only had the birds to share it with. 
IMG_7161 (1280x960)IMG_7138 (1280x959)
IMG_7162 (1280x944)IMG_7163 (1280x956)

Sulfur is fairly common, I tossed a piece in the fire once – not a good idea!
IMG_7095 (1280x958)IMG_0633 (1280x960)

The desert is trying to bloom despite rather dry spring.  This ancient Cordon has no intention of giving in and there are lots of red blooms on the nearby ocotillo.
IMG_0635 (1280x946)IMG_7154 (1280x960)
IMG_0642 (1280x960)IMG_0643 (1280x960)

I blogged the Elephant Trees before HERE. This tree was not documented in Anza Borrego Desert until 1935, but in Baja these Torote (tortured/twisted) Trees are common.  Bobby is fascinated with this fine specimen -can you see him in the 1st picture?
IMG_0639 (1280x960)IMG_0641 (1280x960)

It was a windy day and time to head into town to visit with Aleida’s mother.  She’s a very great lady always nice to us.
IMG_7129 (1280x927)IMG_7130 (1280x960)

Her house is where the new ballpark and soccer (football) parks are being built.  Tjhe new parks have artificial turf which makes them look great.  The outfield has a lot of rocks, do not want to slide!
IMG_7126 (1280x944)IMG_7128 (1280x960)

The original ball park is a for profit venue.  But it has real grass!  There is (can be) an inner wall set up for the Little League games, but it will be good for the kids to have their own park.
IMG_7170 (1280x957)

We took advantage of town to check out what looked good at the Calimax grocery store.  I picked out a couple tamales ‘elote con rajas’ (corn with slices – typically poblano peppers) … not impressed.
IMG_7132 (1280x959)IMG_7134 (1280x896)

Popeye’s Fish Market had almenjas (clams) from that morning just delivered.  At $1 USD per dozen I took a dozen.  So awesome fresh!  Bahia Santa Maria no longer has clams and I miss them.
IMG_7165 (1280x953)IMG_7167 (1280x959)

Meanwhile, back at the Beach House, the high tide has closed off the road and my chores are done …
IMG_7097 (1280x951)IMG_0630 (1280x928)

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