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January 28, 2018

Tide Pools in Pacific Beach

The Point Loma Tide Pools are certainly the most famous tide pools in San Diego.  Others folks have often blogged them, so on this beautiful January day with a decent low tide I thought I’d pick one of the lesser known tide pools that is closer to home.  Looking north from Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach is False Point in La Jolla, that’s today’s destination ~3mi RT.
IMG_6621 (1280x944)

There is ample access to the beach from street parking including False Point that would eliminate the beach walk. 
IMG_6685 (1280x960)IMG_6681 (1280x960)

But the walk is easy, and it’s fun to watch the beach activities.  The kids were having a ball skim-boarding.  Before the boards were popular we made our own out of round disks of plywood and threw them like big Frisbees.  The kids are getting longer rides with the commercial boards.
IMG_6683 (1280x959)IMG_6620 (1280x943)

Tourmaline Surfing Park has a small parking lot with restrooms and showers.  The surfers come and go and there is often parking available here mid-week. 
IMG_6677 (1280x959)IMG_6622 (1280x957)

The tide pools are just north of the surfing beach within a sandstone and boulder field.  As with most tide pools the rocks will be slippery and may have barnacles, wear shoes/sandals with a good grip.
IMG_6624 (1280x959)IMG_6631 (1280x960)
IMG_6634 (1280x960)IMG_6640 (1280x959)

I'm not sure what these sea worms are but they can be found in abundance.  Looks like spaghetti to me.
IMG_6641 (1280x955)IMG_6646 (1280x959)
IMG_6647 (1280x958)

At False Point there is a staircase to provide direct access to the pools.  Still this area is seldom crowded and timed right will have a fabulous sunset.
IMG_6633 (1280x909)IMG_6643 (1280x960)
IMG_6651 (1280x959)

The sea hare is quite abundant here, more so than Point Loma.  Depending on its diet the hare can be black, green or pink.  It’s not a rock, don’t step on it!
IMG_6644 (1280x958)

I’ve heard these critters are called tube snails or tube worms.  I like snail better since there is a hard shell.  Just like their more common sea snail cousins.
IMG_6656 (1280x925)IMG_6658 (1280x959)

Not all sea snail shells are occupied by the snail, there are a lot of hermit crabs here too.
IMG_6659 (1280x959)IMG_6666 (1280x959)

There is some interesting uplift in cliff faces along the beach.  And what is left of a pillar that was once part of the cliff wall.  I’m certainly not a geologist, but would like to wander out here with one …
IMG_6670 (1280x959)IMG_6673 (1280x959)

The Birch Aquarium has publiished this list of Tide Pool Tips.


The Super Blue Blood Moon will be visible Wednesday, if the marine layer permits.

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