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September 23, 2017

Tecolote Canyon - our go to canyon

Our go-to hiking spot is Tecolote Canyon, we can enter and return from home with no driving required.  We enter the canyon off September Street across from University of San Diego.
IMG_5683 (1280x932)

Before we left on Road Trip 2017 there was quite a bit of work scheduled for the canyon.  Both sewer and drainage were to be addressed.  Although the ‘trail closed’ sign remains in place it appears the sewer line is in place.  The areas disturbed by the construction have been replanted with native (sustainable) plants.  The plantings have a drip irrigation in place to help with their development.
IMG_5678 (1280x927)IMG_5687 (1280x921)

The 2017 Coastal Cleanup Day was last week, but I was not available.  Tecolote Canyon had only 20 volunteers to help – I woulda/coulda made 21.  Not near enough!  But kudos to those who made a difference!, I know it is difficult work, but so needed.

We now have a new crossing of Tecolote Creek at Cross Street near Gardena Ave.  This is where we enter the canyon.
IMG_5691 (1280x959)IMG_5693 (1280x960)

And a bunch of new trail markers.  The numbers are not distance, but do not know what they are … a stop at the VC is needed.  The datura (jimpson weed) is in full bloom.  This is the prevalent poisenous plant in the canyon.  So pretty … so fatal!
IMG_5697 (1024x767)IMG_5698 (1024x767)

The western end of the canyon is now a frickin freeway as the natural gas plant is expanding.    There is a need to allow the workers and equipment into the pumping station.  Past there the canyon is back to trails following the east side of the Tecolote Golf Course.
IMG_5700 (1024x766)IMG_5699 (1024x767)

Not sure who left this little jaw bone for me to photograph, but it is proof that critters also call the canyon home.  The Pampas Grass shows the invasives have also moved into the neighborhood.
IMG_5702 (1024x767)IMG_5704 (1024x759)

A couple more pictures of the new trail markers. Hmmm what do they mean????
IMG_5705 (1024x767)IMG_5706 (1024x768)

We’ll cross Tecolote Creek again here at the golf course.  This crossing is less stable and the drop down to the crossing is a bit skidish.  Fran is laughing at me for wanting a picture before I’ll help with the descent.
IMG_5707 (1024x768)IMG_5708 (1024x759)

Sweet!  We have a new ‘spray can artist’!  Sorry but I’ve seen better ….
IMG_5709 (1024x738)

I returned to the VC to ask about the new signs.  Not sure they know for sure, but I gather that a new map of the canyon will “soon” be available where the numbers on the various signs will correspond to a meaningful entry.
IMG_5711 (1024x745)

I ask “How soon?”  with the respose “Our volunteer is working on it in her spare time”.  That’s all there is folks!

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