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August 15, 2016

Homer Alaska, the end of the road

The deep fjords and rugged glaciered peaks of Seward give way to open arboreal forests on the Kenai.  It’s an amazing change of scenery in a relatively short distance.
IMG_5494 (640x471)IMG_5455 (640x479)

We broke the trip into a couple easy days of driving.  Stopping at the Diamond M Ranch Resort for a splurge on a 5-star night after 3 days dry camping in Seward.
IMG_5448 (640x480)IMG_5453 (640x478)

The place is nice but not 5-star.  Despite it’s rating and overnight rates it does not offer TV, and we wanted to catch up on some of the Olympics.  Another ding, the water is very tanic, the color of weak tea.  Altho the friendly staff assures us it is safe to drink, we didn’t.

We stopped where there is a small viewing platform at the Kenai River Estuary.  There were a few waterfowl out in the early morning rain but not a lot of activity.
IMG_5457 (640x472)IMG_5458 (640x473)

With a name like Kalifornsky Beach, this SoCal team had to stop.  And free beach camping too!  Although not a SoCal white sand beach it does offer a long stretch of sand beach more like those on the Washington coast, and those long reaches of mud flats.  Looks like a decent claming spot.
IMG_5463 (640x479)IMG_5465 (640x478)

As the road continues to follow the Cook Inlet both Mt. ILiamna and Mt. Redoubt would normally be visible.  But the heavy clouds are hugging the water, limiting the visability.
IMG_5468 (640x480)IMG_5469 (640x473)

This gal was trimming the grass just outside the Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik
IMG_5477 (640x448)IMG_5481 (640x474)
IMG_5482 (640x474)IMG_5483 (640x479)

We arrived fairly late in Homer and went straight to the end of the Spit.  Homer Spit Campground is a quirky, crummy campground in one of the best prime locations, ever! Check out the view from our electric only site on the water.
IMG_5507 (640x480)IMG_5499 (640x479)

The Lost Seafarers Memorial is adjacent to the campground. 
“This bell tolls; For all of the souls; Set free; Upon the sea”.
IMG_5500 (640x472)IMG_5502 (640x480)

The campground is literally at Land’s End, with Homer Ferry Terminal just across the street.
IMG_5517 (640x473)IMG_5531 (640x476)

I was a bit surprised to see a half-dozen RVs boarding for the trip to Kodiak.  It’s cold and wet enough here, thank you.
IMG_5511 (640x479)P1060247 (640x471)

The shops along the spit are an easy walk from the campground.  This is THE tourist destination with views across the bay.
P1060248 (640x458)IMG_5544 (640x471)
IMG_5515 (640x478)IMG_5521 (640x479)
IMG_5524 (640x479)IMG_5528 (640x474)

Fishing charters display and clean the day’s catch along the boardwalk.  Think they do this as advertising for more customers.
IMG_5538 (640x480)IMG_5537 (640x468)
IMG_5505 (640x478)IMG_5523 (640x480)

For lunch we chose the Coal Point Deli.  They really do have the best seafoood chowder, and they will cook up your choice of king crab legs.  We chose a nice leg with the claw to have leftovers for a crab louie.
IMG_5541 (640x472)IMG_5540 (640x480)IMG_5539 (640x469)IMG_5542 (640x480)

For dessert a Gelato, even on a cloudy wet day a gelato tastes refreshing.
IMG_5526 (640x479)IMG_5527 (640x458)

For a nightcap the Salty Dawg  Saloon is the place to be.   They have their own dollar bill version of the ‘Signpost Forest’.
IMG_5506 (640x479)IMG_5519 (640x480)

It’s time to turn around and head home …
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