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June 19, 2016

Petroglyphys at Lava Beds National Monument

We camped at Rush Creek in the Modoc National Forest.  A small but beautiful campground near Adin, CA.  One of the more scenic FREE campgrounds we have used while traveling this route.
IMG_2307 (640x467)IMG_2302 (640x480)

This is pretty much the same route we took last year.  Because the fridge thermometer said it was 50 degrees inside.  I re-did all the checks I had done before leaving thinking I missed something, but the  gas/AC/DC all good, flu cleaned, etc. made no difference  No place in Reno, nor Sacramento could squeeze us in for a week or more.  But Bend,OR had a window on Monday, so off to Bend.  Skipping Lake Tahoe and the Monks at New Clairvaux.

But while at Rush Creek going over the check list again Fran opened a cold soda and asked if I changed the batteries in the remote thermometer.  ‘Of course, just before we left’.  But I changed them again and bingo the fridge is 'working' again! Smile   How embarrassing ….
We went thru the Lava Beds last year, so a minor variation is to visit the Petroglyphs.

There is a short steep! trail to the bluff above the Petroglyphs.  This is considered ‘holy ground’ by the local Kamookumpts Indians.
IMG_2374 (640x473)
IMG_2309 (640x475)Capture1

The clay and rock formations are quite unique, with beautiful viws of Mt Shasta to the east.
IMG_2312 (640x462)IMG_2319 (640x479)

A hundred yards beyond the trailhead is Petroglyph Point.  One of the largest colletion glyphs, with over 5000 documented along the cliffs.  The path has numbered posts that describe the varios features including not just the glyphs, but the history and geolopgy.
IMG_2330 (640x474)IMG_2339 (640x464)IMG_2344 (640x479)IMG_2346 (640x480)
IMG_2347 (640x463)IMG_2355 (640x470)

Perhaps the acients had a recipe for pizza!
IMG_2356 (640x480)IMG_2358 (640x480)IMG_2360 (640x472)IMG_2361 (640x470)

There is evidence of vanadalizem, including lots initials carved in the sandstone and some effort to highlight the glyphs with paint.
IMG_2365 (640x480)

The cliffs are home to hundreds of sparrows making their home in the overhangs and a few raptors in the alcoves that include owls and falcons.
IMG_2335 (640x452)Capture2

Certainly lesser known than Manzanar the Tule Lake Segregation Center not only held US citizens of Japaneese anstry, but also German POWs.  The Center is only open on Saturday mornings for a ranger led tour.
IMG_2375 (640x480)IMG_2376 (640x480)IMG_2378 (640x480)IMG_2379 (640x478)

Campground Reviews from where we stayed the last few days:
Topaz Lake Casino:
Full hookups (30 amp only) w/ cable and WiFi $22.  poor cable, but usable WiFi with a booster.  Gravel parking, mostly level sites, with store and gas station on site.  Good restrooms and showers.  Solid Verizon signal.
Rush Creek:
About a mile off 139 on narrow dirt road with 5 back-in sites for small rigs.  We had site 5 (best one!), site 4 is better for solar.  Pit toilets, trash dumpsters.  Water on site was not yet turned during our stay.  Two bars of Verizon, good voice and text but not strong enough for data.
Kla-Mo-Ya Casino:
Simple parking lot overnight, but the adjoing Travel Plaza offers full services including FREE truck/RV wash station.  Nice resturant in casiono with usable FREE Wi-Fi available.  Strong Verizon signal.  Great overnight spot to visit Crater Lake

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