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October 04, 2015

2015 Road Trip Summary– 118 days, 11,485 miles, 29 states

What started out as a visit to see the Grandson near Seattle evolved into our version of the Great American Road Trip.  The goal was not to visit the 48 contiguous states but to visit with family and friends across our great nation.
Route (640x353)

First the numbers:
Diesel Fuel :
754.39 gals  $2,019.73  15.25 mpg

Campsites came in way under budget thanks to being able to park our friends/family homes.  The Senior Pass provides half-price sites at Core of Engineers, Forest Service, National Parks.  We also stayed at a Mavericks Dinner, Wal-Mart, etc. 

Most expensive French Quarter RV Park – but it’s worth it!  Walk to the Quarter.
Best Value – Cathead Creek, GA.  Full hookups, cable, great Wi-Fi $21

$1,483.19  $12.57 ave/nite

The below is of course very subjective, based on the conditions at the time we passed through.

Best Of:
Scenic - North Cascades, jaw dropping beauty, great hikes, Forest Service camping
Farmer's Markets - New York.  Lots of roadside stands with the ‘honor pay’, fresh everything.
Roads - North Carolina, wide, well maintained
Restaurants - New Orleans, runner up Florida best ever crab cake!  Honorable Mention BBQ at Copper Kettle big Pine CA (it really is the best!)
Wine - Columbia Valley, WA.  All are good
Hiking – Yellowstone, runner up Texas best trail markings
Historic - Kitty Hawk, NC.
State Parks  - New York, runner up Florida
Fish Taco - Yuma, AZ
Solar Eclipse view – Eastern OR

Worst of:
Scenic - none, from sea-to-sea it's all great
Farmer's Markets - not New York! of course it's in the timing - worst peaches … Georgia!
Roads  - western Louisiana potholes, expansion cracks, etc. on I-10 with several related accidents
Restaurants - the Carolinas; NC BBQ, SC Boiled Peanuts - both an acquired taste
Wine – the South, any vineyard in the south - too sweet!
Hiking - Indiana State Parks worst trail markings
Historic - Dayton, OH. So much history in OH in general has not been preserved.
State Parks - Indiana; $9 for out of state ….
Fish Taco – Mississippi served with ginger slaw ????
Of course it is good to be home again, with some time to plan the next road trip.

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