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August 08, 2015

Ohio–a chance for rest and repairs

Dayton, Ohio - ‘where powered flight began’.  The National Park Service has done a very nice job of restoring the area along West 3rd and Williams where the Wright Brothers began there venture into powered flight.
IMG_6408 (640x470)IMG_6404 (640x480)IMG_6409 (640x480)IMG_6410 (640x478)

Adjacent to the Cycle Shop the NPS has erected a new museum to document Dayton’s contributions.  Although mostly dedicated to the ‘Aviation Trail’ the building also has exhibits on Dayton’s connection to literature, politics, music, industry, etc.
IMG_6415 (640x472)IMG_6414 (640x480)

But if you want to visit the original Wright Flyer Factory or the childhood home, you will need to visit the Ford Museum in Dearborn.  The factory was located in the vacant lot on the left, the front porch of their home has been recreated on their lot.
IMG_6407 (640x473)IMG_6418 (640x480)

Our few weeks in Dayton were spent with family and friends, while Rufus received a new set of tires, hot water igniter,  a permanent patch on the roof, new drawer slides.
How ‘bout those new Michelins?  Grismer Tire not only had the tires, but was one of the few shops that could perform the alignment on an RV.
IMG_6423 (640x473)IMG_6424 (640x479)

The dark area is putty I stuffed in after I opened the crack up a bit, a temporary fix.  Amazon not only came through with a tube of Dicor self-leveling sealant, but also the igniter for the hot water heater.  No more leaks now and now hot water!
IMG_6430 (640x479)IMG_6437 (640x480)

A few years ago I broke the slide on the bottom drawer looking for a water leak under the cabinet.  The Ace Hardware in Borrego Springs carried a standard slide that has provided service ever since.  But alas it does not handle the constant vibration of an RV, and was replaced with an soft close slide from Home Depot.  This soft touch is great, it does take a bit of patience for the alignment, if it holds up it’s worth the effort.
IMG_6438 (640x479)IMG_6441 (640x436)

Marion's Pizza has been a tradition for the past 50 years.  On Aug 3rd they offered their 1965 prices – 80 cents for a small cheese to $2.50 for a large deluxe pizza.  Marion’s #1 is a short walk, but the line was over 2 hours long!
resize (546x372)IMG_6442 (640x479)

Nice days can be spent on the golf course, evenings at The Fraze, Harry Connick Jr performing.
IMG_6398 (640x479)IMG_6401 (640x479)
IMG_6452 (640x476)IMG_6449 (640x479)

We’re off to Wapakoneta for a couple days …

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