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January 26, 2015

Comet Lovejoy vs. Asics Tennis Classic

This was a fast outing to see a friend play in the Asics Tennis Classic in Rancho Mirage and my last chance to view Comet Lovejoy until it’s return in some 8000 years!  So the query becomes how to squeeze so diverse desires into the weekend.
The quick out is oblivious, ‘go-with-what-ya-know’, I like to leave on a Friday and wake up on vacation.  So what is a quick inexpensive stop between San Diego and Palm Desert?  I like Peg Leg Smith, always room for one more, always clean, easy to find a spot after dark … and wake up on v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!  Oh and it is free!  Zero, nada, zilch!  What is there is what you bring, and what God provides.  On this night Rufus provided the necessary shelter and God offered the best view yet of Comet Lovejoy and the Milky Way overhead.

Peg Leg Smith - Free
P1020354 (640x472)P1020351 (640x479)

Should have set up the telescope, the viewing conditions were perfect!  But in a couple days was expecting another couple perfect nights in Joshua Tree …
Off to the Asics Tennis Classic with a reservation in the Emerald Desert RV Park ~$100
P1020356 (640x480)P1020359 (640x465)
P1020374 (640x479)P1020376 (640x479)

So that’s what a 5-Diamond resort is all about!  No view at all of the sky due to the light pollution, but there is a full service gym, pool, Jacuzzi, golf, full hookups, cable TV , Wi-Fi, etc. … at $100 a night it was indeed more … way-more of everything.  God provides nothing the resort provides everything, but the RV you arrive in.
BTW – 75 year old Ruth won her mixed doubles, her singles, but lost in the second round of doubles.  Still in there in singles!  Go Ruth!

Off to Joshua Tree next – It is packed! on a Sunday when I thought the weekend folks would be leaving.  I talked to a couple of other Skinny-Winnie in Cottonwood and they are on the way back from the big Quartzite RV show/rally.  Might go next year …

Selected a spot in Cottonwood Campground in Joshua Tree NP ~$7, where a clear view of the western sky was available.  And set up for the sunset, awaiting the night sky
P1020392 (640x480)P1020403 (640x479)

Alas rain!  Clouds and more rain.  No night sky, no comet, no moon, but the furnace in the RV is working Smile.  A cold wake up to another front of rain clouds.
  P1020420 (640x479)

Did see two groups of sheep on the ‘Pines-to-Palms’ climb out of the Coachella Valley, but they were very camera shy.

Given the 3 different campgrounds on this trip - what is preference?
A: Boondocking;   B: Full Service:  C: National Park

Next trip – Cactus League Ball!

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