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July 02, 2014

July 2014–To WA, the scenic route - Part 4

Crossing the Snake River again Spokane is straight ahead, but the traffic is right here.  Haven’t seen this many vehicles since leaving CA.  A side trip to Grand Coulee Dam and it's back on the two-lane blacktop.
IMG_4353 (640x359)IMG_4355 (640x359)
Wow – look at all that water!  But did not find the Visitor’s Center as impressive as anticipated.  Good history, but the highlight is an evening laser show with lights dancing on the falling water.  At 10AM not much going just lots of pictures on the wall to look at. 
Did not take the 1 hour tour of the dam.

Stopped for lunch on the shore of Banks Lake, just north of Dry Falls.
IMG_4357 (640x359)IMG_4359 (640x359)

Followed the Columbia River thru apple and plumb orchards into Wenatchee where the Wenatchee River meets up at Confluence State Park.  Riding the Apple Capital Bike Trail made staying here a nice stop.  But with the out-off-state surcharge it was also the most expensive stop of the trip.  There’s a nice Wenatchee River County Park just to the west, next time.
IMG_4362 (640x359)IMG_4368 (640x359)

Wenatchee has lots of extra water!  The city park was flooded.  Being from SoCal simple things like green lawns and surplus water create a Kodak moments.
IMG_4370 (640x359)IMG_4365 (640x359)

Leavenworth has rebuilt itself as a Bavarian village.  An interesting tourist trap, and it does trap the tourists!  The place was packed on a Thursday afternoon.
 IMG_4377 (640x359)IMG_4382 (640x359)

Crossed over Stevens Pass where I had skied many years ago.   Think this is the first time up here since high school.  The short hike to Deception Falls is always a fun place to stretch the legs.
IMG_4384 (640x359)IMG_4383 (640x359)

This was the last stop before Snohomish and Jm.

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